House Agent 5E Background

Hiya everybody! immediately i’ve an actual painful reminiscence in retailer for all of you. So, in case you weren’t enjoying dnd when wayfinder’s information to eberron was launched or in case you weren’t notably concerned in any boards again then. You’ll form of know most likely already what i’m speaking about right here. However in any case you don’t when wayfinder’s information to eberron was form of being teased on the market was quite a bit that it was presupposed to have with it specifically an additional dozen backgrounds or so and i used to be tremendous pumped up about that and so had been lots of different people who find themselves actually fascinated with the lore of eberron. So there’s like lots of fan theories lots of like homebrew concepts for what these backgrounds is perhaps as they relate to the person homes. All that good things and lots of them are like actually attention-grabbing and i’m totally out of the loop in terms of eberron lore. However lots of people who play form of the net dungeons and dragons sport they had been actually enthusiastic about it. In any case when this ebook was launched i felt this totally disillusioned at the least in relation to the backgrounds i used to be most likely much less morally affected or much less emotionally affected than lots of the opposite folks that i used to be chatting with. As a result of it i don’t know there was quite a bit they may have accomplished that they didn’t do talking about wizards of the coast however no matter it’s.

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So i’m gonna clean it all the 13 home agent backgrounds  into one article. Why am i able to do that you could be ask as a result of they’re all mainly the identical factor. The one actual distinction is between them at the least as as far as the uncooked mechanics is the instrument proficiencies are just a little bit completely different between every of the homes and you understand what i can simply go over that and append a remark that’s how unhappy they i don’t know. As soon as once more i used to be simply disillusioned however there have been lots of people i spoke with who had been genuinely upset about. Nicely it’s one thing that they’re enthusiastic about that ended up actually amounting to nothing so all their time spent theorizing and fan crafting was not likely rewarded to any capability like even trying on the checklist like i can see why wizards of the coast made all of them separate. However it simply left a nasty style in lots of people’s mouth in any case i’m gonna cease speaking about that i’m simply gonna name all of them the home agent. Let’s transfer on to the outline which is common goddamn.


As a d&d 5e home agent you had the sworn fealty for the dragonmarked home. Although, if in case you have the dragonmark, you’re more likely to be a member of a type of home’s which has influential households;  or else you’re an outsider those that can hope to make your fortune by way of this home.

  • Talent Proficiencies: Investigation, Persuasion
  • Instrument Proficiencies: Two proficiencies from the Home Instrument Proficiencies desk
  • Languages: None
  • Tools: A set of high-quality garments, home signet ring, identification papers, and a handbag containing 20 gp

Usually, your principal process is to be serving just like the eyes of your home, however al although you may be referred to as on any time for performing like its hand. Such kind of missions are perilous however profitable.

Your Home Home Instrument Proficiencies
Cannith Alchemist’s provides and tinker’s instruments
Deneith One gaming set and autos (land)
Ghallanda Brewer’s provides and cook dinner’s utensils
Jorasco Alchemist’s provides and herbalism package
Kundarak Thieves’ instruments and tinker’s instruments
Lyrandar Navigator’s instruments and autos (air and sea)
Medani Disguise package and thieves’ instruments
Orien One gaming set and autos (land)
Phiarlan Disguise package and one musical instrument
Sivis Calligrapher’s instruments and forgery package
Tharashk One gaming set and thieves’ instruments
Thuranni One musical instrument and poisoner’s package
Vadalis Herbalism package and autos (land)

Characteristic: Function

Usually this function can lets you all the time able to gathering any kind of knowledge for your home. However every time a baron in a position to provides you a specific mission, reminiscent of what kind of work do you do? For understanding it in a straightforward approach the beneath talked about Home Agent Function desk provides prospects.

D8 Home Agent Function
1 Acquisition
2 Investigation
3 Analysis & Growth
4 Safety
5 Intimidation
6 Exploration
7 Negotiation
8 Covert Operations

Steered Traits

On this home agent 5e background all the home brokers are the varied. You need to take the home that you just serve and in addition the work you do throughout deciding on the traits into consideration.

Persona Traits

D8 Persona Trait
1 I ‘m all the time seeking to i mprove effectivity.
2 I like to share trivia about my home’s enterprise.
3 I always remember an insult towards me or my home.
4 I am smitten by all the pieces my home does.
5 I characterize my home and take satisfaction in my appears.
6 I am vital of monarchies and limits on the homes.


D6 Excellent
1 Widespread Good: My home serves a significant operate, and its prosperity will assist everybody. (Good)
2 Custom: I uphold traditions of my home and produce honor to my household. (Lawful)
3 Innovation: Abandon outdated traditions and discover higher methods to do issues. (Chaotic)
4 Energy: I wish to make sure the prosperity of my home and wield its energy myself. (Evil)
5 Discovery: I wish to study all I can, each for my home and for my very own curiosity. (Any)
6 Consolation: I wish to make sure that me and mine take pleasure in the perfect issues in life. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 My home is my household. I’d do something for it.
2 I like somebody from one other home, however the relationship is forbidden.
3 Somebody I like was killed by a rival faction inside my home, and I wil l have revenge.
4 I do not care about the home as an entire, however I’d do something for my outdated mentor.
5 My home should evolve, and I am going to lead the evolution.
6 I am decided to impress the leaders of my home, and to turn into a pacesetter myself.


D6 Flaw
1 I am fixated on fol lowing official protocols.
2 I am obsessive about conspiracy theories and anxious about secret societies and hidden demons.
3 My home and blood line make me the perfect!
4 My secret might get me expelled from my home.
5 My spiritual beliefs aren’t widespread in my home.
6 I am working for a hidden faction in my home that provides me secret assignments.

Characteristic: Home Connection

Being an agent of your home, you possibly can all the time collect meals and in addition lodging on your sake and in addition your folks on the home enclave. Each time the home can be assign you a mission, It really will present you by a essential provides and in addition the transportation.

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However past this, you have got had most of the outdated mates, mentors, and rivals in your home, and naturally you might be encountered for one among them everytime you work together by a home enterprise. Really, the diploma for which such kind of acquaintances are to be keen that can assist you relies upon upon your present standing in your home.

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