Hypnotic Pattern 5E Spell

This Hypnotic Pattern dnd spell allows you to weave the swirling patterns of colors through the air within a cube measuring 30 feet in length. You can also see the pattern for a certain time and then disappear. Any creature that sees the pattern in an area must be able to make a Wisdom saving throw.

The creature can be charmed even if it fails to save. The creature was charmed by the Hypnotic Pattern spell and now it is incapacitated. It also has the speed of 0.

Also, you need to verify fireball 5e spell

The dnd5e spell will cause the affected creature to become unconscious if it takes any type of damage, or if an additional action is taken to shake it awake.

Attributes of Hypnotic Pattern 5E Spell

Casting Time 1 Action
Classes Bard, Sorcerer Warlock, Wizard
Components S M
Concentration Yes
Durability Maximum 1 Minute
Level 3
Material A glowing stick or crystal vial of incense filled with phosphorescent materials
Name Hypnotic Pattern
Range 120 feet
School Illusion
Target Within reach of a cube measuring 30 feet

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