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Nox Player is an Android-powered all-in-one entertainment destination and is recognized as one of the leading players in the field. It is an emulator using which one can play mobile games on a PC with a powerful Android 7.

It is used to run Android games on x86 PCs and it was developed by BigNox which is a Hong Kong-based company. It is fully optimized, gets started easily, and is rapidly becoming a master mobile gamer.

It’s stable and simple gameplay popular among game influencers. It assists keyboard, script recording, gamepad, and much more and it is a rarely helpful tool to play mobile games with multitasking like you can chat or work at the same time.

With its wide array of features, it is known as a go-to destination for those seeking to download music, watch videos, play games, and more. It has quickly become the one-stop destination for all of your mobile entertainment needs with an extensive list of games, movies, and TV shows, that has been downloaded over 500 Million times to date!

This app provides a wide variety of video content, from blockbuster movies to TV shows, with subtitles in more than 100 languages. You can watch any video in your preferred language and enjoy the familiarity of reading subtitles.

You can also get the latest release information and the latest updates by joining their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Features Of Noxplayer

NOX Player is a fast video player equipped with advanced features that are designed to make the user experience better.

  • Offers a number of features including an in-built video player, sound booster, and music player.
  • NOX Player has an in-built video player which enables you to watch videos without downloading them. 
  • The sound booster feature that comes with it enhances the volume so that you can have a better experience of watching videos on the go or on low-quality speakers.
  • This emulator also has a music player which means you can listen to your favorite songs without switching between apps.
  • One of the most notable ones is the player’s ability to function as an audio player, video player and a photo viewer. With this feature one can enjoy music, watch videos and view photos without having to open different apps for these activities.

These other features are quite useful too, one example being the Chromecast support which helps you cast your screen in real-time on your TV or monitor. Nox Player also provides multitasking support with a number of other features related to it such as picture-in-picture, window snapping, and fullscreen management.

Should We Install Noxplayer On Our PC?

Now the question arises whether Noxplayer is safe for PC or not. 

The Android emulators have gained popularity in today’s era due to the increase in admiration of games. Noxplayer is spoilt by the allegations of bundling malware along with its installation. Noxplayer contains many harmful and unwanted files that if installed by mistake on your desktop can damage your OS.

It might additionally install some other commercial software that has contained misleading language during the setup.

Additionally, the installation and launch time is shorter than a lot of the Android emulators available online.

Noxplayer has its app store and provides all the trending and recent apps and one does not log into his Google account.

A hacker group somehow acquired an approach to the Android emulator’s server infrastructure and it deliberately sent malware to a few users.

The company later clarified that they have provided the security updates and have come up with some measures to resolve the issue.  

Therefore, our recommendation would be to disable these features completely since they are detrimental to security and allow malicious applications to run freely across networks which could compromise personal data.

In the whole process of installation and uninstallation, the company asks you to install the symbolic debugger for Windows. These files have remote access to your files.

The developers of this application have not put any in-game content filters in place. This means that all users will see adult content, violent scenes, and inappropriate language.

Nox player is not a reliable option safe for children to use as it doesn’t provide parental control.

The app has a privacy policy but it does not state how they use collected data or if they sell that data to third parties.

Therefore, you should use this emulator at your own risk.

Reviews By Users

Many users on Quora and Reddit have been informed that viruses that come along with the Noxplayer and Noxplayer sites are malicious.

Some users also complained that people accept the consent form for installing the malware without even realizing it on the second page of setup.

When some people tried to get the Noxplayer emulator from a secondary website, then also the users downloaded unwanted viruses by mistake.

Hence, users should download the emulator from the official website and keep in mind to not click any link which can install viruses on your desktop.

If you find any problem then you should reinstall Noxplayer from clean media as suggested by the company.

Unsatisfied users are suggested not to download any updates until the company notifies that it has decreased the threat.

According to reviews from Trustpilot, Noxplayer is an unreliable software to download. It is malware, containing threatening files which run the risk of damaging the operating system.

Numerous users have reported their operating systems have slowed down in functionality, post-installation of NOXPlayer.

In a similar manner, the player also incurs severe threats to the OS, whereby it starts crashing at random intervals. this makes it extremely dangerous to use, as well as unhelpful.

Measures Suggested By The Company

The company also suggested some measures-

  • Use the only HTTPS to provide software updates so as to decrease the risks of desktop hijacking.
  • Apply file integrity verification with the help of file signature checks and MD5 hashing.
  • Take extra measures, like encryption of personal and important data, to avoid access to your personal information to hackers.

Another suggestion would be to use a spare email address during logging into the NoxPlayer. It is always safer to keep professional important email IDs, separate from those which are for personal use.

In case one of them is compromised, due to some technical glitch, then the important data would not become vulnerable before hackers, or third-party users.

If you visit the official website of this emulator for installation, then you will get the installation file a little later because the developers of the emulator have added additional links to earn money.

One needs to be very careful while clicking any of the links in the name of downloading Noxplayer emulator. One should also have antivirus software to check whether they did or didn’t install malware while surfing over the internet.

This comes with lots of special features but still, it has the risk of installing virus files on your computer which will corrupt your system.

Consequently, Noxplayer is safe only if you are skilled enough to identify whether a link gets malware installed on your PC.

As per my suggestion you use a secondary Google account when you log into the Play store for downloading Noxplayer.

You can also check whether a site is safe by the following steps-

  • Open Google and search for the virus total.
  • Click on the URL provided.
  • Then you will know if the site is free from viruses or not.

BVersions of the App

NOXplayer comes with a premium as well as a basic version. While the users have to pay for the premium version, the basic one is free. There are certain added features that the users of the paid version are entitled to. However, the difference is not much. 

How To Download Noxplayer For Windows System(PC Or Laptop)?

Here are the steps using which you can download and install Noxplayer for the Windows Operating system:

  • Firstly, you need to download the official Nox Player from the official website by simply clicking on the download button given on the website.
  • Now rush to the downloads folder and open it for installation. It would ask to agree on the terms and conditions, you just need to click on Agree on the terms and conditions and then click on the install option.
  • After selecting the install option, the Noxplayer will start installing. It would take less time than a few minutes to complete the Installation.
  • Once the Noxplayer installation process will finish, then a start option will pop up. You just need to simply click on the start option and then you can launch the Noxplayer on your Windows Operating system.
  • Noxplayer emulator is installed. Then it would take a few minutes to load the set-up which is normal and you need not do anything.
  • Now you can open the Noxplayer emulator Playstore and log in with your Google account. You can enjoy your desired android apps on your Windows Operating system.

Avoiding Bundleware During Installation Of Nox Player

A lot of users have complained regarding the fact that the bundleware during installation of NoxPlayer has been detected as malware.

Hence, in order to prevent the bundleware during the installation process, the company has suggested a few measures. They are pretty simple and straightforward.

During the installation process, an interface would open for an antivirus program, with the prompts – “Accept” and “Reject”. choose the “Reject” alternative, and continue. this way, the bundleware would not be installed.

In the event that the bundleware has already been downloaded, then one needs t delete it from the PC. After the deletion is completed, one needs to re-install the program a second time; this time, the “Reject” option has to be chosen.

Conclusion: [Is Noxplayer Safe]

So, you should install Noxplayer at your own risk. We do not guarantee that your personal data will be safe while using Noxplayer.

But the threat of stealing data can be reduced if you cautiously escape the links leading to the installation of viruses in your computer.

These given steps in this article should be followed to escape the threat of malware. But there is a high possibility that Noxplayer contains malware even after taking all these measures.

NOX player is one of the free Android emulators available online which is reliable to some extent. Noxplayer gives you a wonderful experience of playing games as on Android on your Windows PC.

Noxplayer is based on imagination and it creates an imaginary environment of modern android where you can download and play your favorite apps and games available on Android.

It makes its user addicted because of the ease of installation and simple setup. Noxplayer is free to use and anyone can download it from its official website.

You can download the popular Android apps and games directly from Noxplayer for windows. As a gamer for example joystick, keyboard, etc and more devices can be added accordingly. 

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