Lightning Bolt Spell DnD 5E

Hiya spellcasters! welcome to my official web site. Immediately we’re looking at dnd 5e lightning bolt spell from our third degree spells listing. Be sure you try our different official spells too from this web page. In any case lightning bolts we’re speaking about immediately, makes it really feel type of like palpatine tremendous cool. If you happen to’re going for a lightning primarily based construct which is tremendous straightforward to do in 5e. That is going to be one among your bread and butters. It’s actually nice dnd 5e spell. It’s discovered on the Sorcerer and Wizard spell listing and it’s discovered within the good previous gamers handbook correctly as a result of you understand what this spell ought to be simply as iconic as fireball. I do know lots of you might be gonna disagree on that in a technique or one other as a result of the meme battle is so robust. However when you issue that out lightning bolts actually been round simply so long as fireball has. So, i feel it deserves some recognition for being an og spell. Let’s dive into its mechanics now.


  • Stage: third
  • Casting Time: 1 Motion
  • Vary/Space: Self (100 ft Line)
  • Elements: V, S, M *
  • Period: Instantaneous
  • Faculty: Evocation
  • Assault/Save: DEX Save
  • Harm/Impact: Lightning

It’s injury is 8d6 plus an extra d6 per slot degree above third. The solid time is one motion, the vary is targeted on self nevertheless it does create a 100 foot line, the length is instantaneous, the parts are somatic, materials and verbal so the holy trinity and when you’re interested by that materials element it’s a little bit of a fur and a rod of amber, crystal, or glass. They’re not consumed so it’s not as if you want to have these issues on you. An arcane focus or element pouch ought to work simply as properly. It’s saving throw is Dexterity and trustworthy success they solely take half injury, the varsity is Evocation and the injury sort is lightning which ought to be just a little shock.

The impact at a look: Create a bolt of lightning, which is extra able to igniting flammable objects that aren’t being worn or carried.

Now let’s check out its full description.


In accordance with the Lightning Bolt Spell DnD 5E a robust stroke of lightning is forming a line of 100 ft lengthy and likewise 5 ft huge blasts out from you in a selected path which you do choose. Every of the creature within the line ought to make a dexterity saving throw. Truly, a creature can take 8d6 lightning injury on a failed save and on a profitable one it takes half as a lot injury.

Usually, the Lightning Bolt 5E Spell ignites the flammable objects in an space which isn’t being worn or carried.

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At Larger Ranges:

Everytime you solid this Lightning Bolt Spell D&D 5E through the use of the spell slot of 4th degree or larger then the injury will increase by 1d6 for every slot above the third degree.

I’ve seen some fascinating concepts relating to them, having drawback on the saving throw in the event that they’re carrying metallic and to be truthful stunning grasp has an analogous attachment to it. Nonetheless it’s not by uncooked if rule of cool you need to implement it as a dungeon grasp you’re actually allowed to i might encourage it as a matter of truth. I feel it is sensible logically, thematically and i feel it will give this spell a slight benefit over fireball maybe. When it comes to injury it’s by no means going to be there and by way of aoe it’s most likely by no means going to be there as properly. However you understand in the event that they’re extra more likely to fail to save lots of may assist steadiness out the injury element of it. Nonetheless, that in fact is totally non-compulsory and as much as the DM.

One other factor that i’ve had some slight questions on is the ignition a part of it. So normally it’s implied that this spell has to make direct contact with one thing with a view to ignite it. Nonetheless the wording right here is the lightning ignites flammable objects within the space. So what’s the space? proper, i might say 5 ft in both path of the lightning bolt prefer it may arc and spark one thing ablaze that to me make sense. Nonetheless be happy to implement it as you see match.

Attributes Of Lightning Bolt Spell DnD 5E

Casting Time 1 motion
Lessons Sorcerer, Wizard
Elements V S M
Period Instantaneous
Larger Spell Slot Desc If you solid this spell utilizing a spell slot of 4th degree or larger, the injury will increase by 1d6 for every slot above third.
Stage 3
Materials A little bit of fur and a rod of amber, crystal, or glass
Title Lightning Bolt
Vary Self (100-foot line)
Faculty Evocation
Goal Self (100-foot line)
Different Makes use of

The primary use and that i really feel unhealthy together with that is an alternate use on a regular basis. As a result of it’s actually the meant goal of the spell itself is to only have an effect on a number of opponents, the truth that it’s a line with the lunacres vary while you actually give it some thought. 100 ft is nice vary for a spell that targets a single particular person however this isn’t like that proper prefer it’s you create a 100 foot bolt of lightning out of your palm basically. So, thematically it’s nearly overwhelming to essentially conceptualize. It’s actually cool although so concentrating on a number of folks is  one.

When it comes to planing this spell is tremendous superior, whether or not you’re making an attempt to reactivate an extended since dormant assemble and you want to recharge it or whether or not you’re making an attempt to make a lure for different enemies to fall into and also you’re making an attempt to get them right into a slim hall and simply blast them.

This spell actually does have a thematic flare and respectable quantity of utility to it. I suppose you may additionally use it to sign as properly though. If you happen to’re gonna burn a 3rd degree spell slot to try this i’d most likely warning you in opposition to it there are spells of decrease degree and even some cantrips that might most likely be simply pretty much as good.

One thing i need to level out for these dungeon masters on the market this spell has fairly good synergy with glyph of warding when you’re gonna be making traps in a dungeon, this can be a actually good option to do it. It does a fairly respectable quantity of harm, nonetheless most get together members will be capable of thank it.

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