Mounted Combatant DnD 5E Feat

Whats up adventures of all sizes and shapes. Welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for checking in to the thirty eighth episode of our feats collection. Right this moment we’re going to be looking at one of the overwhelmingly nice but underused feats within the sport. It’s i’m gonna used for a pair causes and that i’ll get to that a bit bit extra in a while. Right this moment we’re gonna be looking at mounted combatant 5e feat. It has discovered within the participant’s handbook. So everybody’s no less than gazed over this just a few occasions however you recognize for probably the most half they’ve determined it wasn’t. What wouldn’t work for his or her character mainly. In any case let’s check out the outline to form perceive what that may be.


It will even be price noting that there isn’t any prerequisite for this. So any class or any race or any skillset can use this with no issues in any respect. The outline reads as adopted.

As a Mounted Combatant DnD 5E Feat you’re in a harmful foe to face whereas to be mounted. Regardless that when you’re mounted and in addition are usually not incapacitated, you may achieve the beneath talked about advantages too.

  • Being a Mounted Combatant feat you’ve a bonus on the melee assault rolls that are towards to the any type of unmounted creature which is far smaller than your mount.
  • You are able to do pressure an assault focused at your mount to the goal you as an alternative.
  • However, in case your mount has been subjected to an impact which permits it to be make a Dexterity saving throw to take half harm solely, However as an alternative of this it takes no harm if it succeeds on a saving throw, and even the one half harm if it fails.

Wow that’s a mouthful there. Only a actually fast refresher on the incapacitated description. You’re incapacitated you may’t take any actions or reactions so. It type of is sensible why you wouldn’t be capable to function a mount when you’re not aware no less than in my thoughts that is sensible. Anyhow let’s take a fast take a look at the walkthrough right here and type of break this down. Just a bit bit extra.


So, at the beginning of the benefit primarily when your mound is greater than the particular person you’re fight with. So it might be price noting that horses are thought of giant so most of issues are going to be driving. Or might be bigger by no less than one class most issues on the market categorized as medium there might be a pair exceptions right here and there. Observe that this most likely wouldn’t work towards different mounted creatures until you have been to knock them off. Which it’s undoubtedly doable.

The second level you may pressure, you may basically redirect assaults out of your mount to you. Not the opposite manner round however simply out of your mount to you which of them is admittedly cool and on the subject of dex saves for half harm the place you’d roll if you happen to succeed you’re taking half harm. You fail you’re taking full harm. Your mount when it succeeds takes no harm versus the half that you’d take and on a fail it takes half harm versus the total harm that you’d take.

This can be a type of busted feat due to that. In any case no worries i’ll clarify that a bit bit extra. With all that being stated let’s check out my private ideas.


I believe that that is an overwhelmingly good feat. My goodness is it superior. So for a pair causes right here. At the start assault rolls on any creature that could be a dimension smaller thanks. That’s superior that’s tremendous nice. Particularly while you think about that a number of the heaviest damaging lessons gained a lot from benefit and if you happen to’re an elf with elven accuracy and that i’m fortunate you’ll mainly like by no means miss actually it’s. It will be unbelievable. That being stated the flexibility to every thing about. That is good.

So, the second two bullets the arina proper the tags and a half harm equals no harm that’s aimed toward mount survivability greater than the rest. So if you happen to take a look at the precise wording it doesn’t say that the assault goal at your spherical has to focus on you. So if it’s a spell assault aimed toward your mount. They might most likely tank via it if you happen to occur to realize it’s a dex save.

Truthfully it’s a safer guess to have your mountain take it or not. That is aimed on the survivability when it comes to who advantages from this most? you recognize i wanna say rogues simply due to how sneak assault works. So rogues doubtlessly a battle masters would additionally achieve so much from this. Clerics the mobility would assist them out a ton.

Yeah! i can’t assume of a complete lot of lessons who wouldn’t profit from this as matter of reality. Not a complete lot in any respect. I imply perhaps monks wouldn’t profit a ton from this, a number of ranged characters may not as nicely. Simply due to that melee assault roll element there they usually’re not gonna take a number of photographs anyway. So primarily lessons may not profit as a lot from this. I believe it might be hilarious. Now you want your DMs approval for this if you happen to made your mount your acquainted and also you despatched them down some loopy labyrinth full of the dexterity based mostly saves they usually simply explored the entire dungeon earlier than i believe that might be hilarious.


That being stated guys! In case you have any different makes use of for dnd 5e mounted Combatant, any cool combo is there any cool tales you’ve. Please let me know down within the feedback beneath. I really like studying them so does everybody else. Thanks a lot guys and as at all times blissful adventuring and have an incredible day.

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