Muusic Coin Crowd Sale is now Live

Written by on October 6, 2018

The amazing Muusic Coin Crowd sale has now gone live!!!
-Integrating Online Radio and Content Creation with Blockchain Technology-
Muusic Proudly announces the launch of the “Muusic Coin” Crowdsale. This cryptocurrency will be the fuel for their New Blockchain-based service that is tailored specifically for artists, DJs, content creators – and their partnerships and listeners! Ushering in a brand new way to Create, Market, Share, Host and Stream Content on a New and Revolutionary Online Ecosystem – the Muusic Platform & Marketplace.

Muusic Coin

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What is Muusic coin?

Muusic coin is a brand new cryptocurrency built to be integrated into the Muusic Platform. We decided from the beginning to create our own blockchain for the platform, as opposed to running on top of another existing blockchain (such as ERC20 tokens on Ethereum). The team did not want to rely on any other project or blockchain – allowing users to purchase music using Muusic Coin – 100% natively on its own chain. This enables independence, and the ability to ensure a secure, fast, and reliable network at all times.

The Muusic blockchain is purely Proof-of-Stake – also leveraging Masternodes. There is no Proof-of-Work mining. This is a much more energy efficient approach compared to “traditional” hardware mined blockchains. It lowers the barrier to entry by eliminating the need to purchase costly ‘mining’ equipment. Blocks are generated and consensus it met purely by a PoS mechanism – that also includes masternodes – offering two different incentives to use and hold MUU. Simply by maintaining an amount of Muusic Coin in your wallet, and keeping the wallet running, you will receive a percentage of the block rewards. Additionally, users can simply run a masternode by ‘locking’ coins as collateral (5000 MUU per masternode) and gain additional MUU in addition to the PoS rewards. Better still, the masternodes on the Muusic blockchain are set up locally, so there is no need to purchase and configure a dedicated server or VPS. Everything is easily done within the Muusic Coin wallet – which is available on all major platforms – Windows, Linux, and OSX.

Muusic Coin’s primary use-case is for use in the Muusic Platform and Marketplace – an online ecosystem providing artists and DJs a system to mix, create, host, and stream their work to listeners and accept MUU as a reward/payment. This allows content creators to get their work directly to their listeners, and be rewarded for doing so – cutting out the “middleman” and fostering a healthy, fair, and easy-to-use online environment. Lastly, MUU will eventually be available to trade on third-party exchanges and cryptocurrency markets.

Blockchain/Coin specs

Block time: – 60 seconds
Total Blocks: – 14,800,000
Block Reward: – 20 MUU
Maximum supply: – 320,000,000 (320 million) MUU
Consensus mechanism: – Proof-of-Stake (30% masternodes / 70% PoS)
Masternode collateral: – 5,000 MUU
Features: SwiftTX, Auto-backups, Coin Control, BIP38 Tool, Masternodes

The Muusic Coin Crowdsale

Muusic Coin will be introduced in the form of a crowdsale that begins October 5th, 2018. Artists, investors, and crypto-enthusiasts alike will be able to purchase MUU directly from our easy-to-use crowdsale page. We are accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin in exchange for MUU, priced at $1.00 USD per MUU.

Start Date and Time: – Oct 5, 2018 (5:00 PM UTC) running for 1 Month
Amount of Muusic Coin available: – 14,400,000 MUU (7.5% premine)
Value: 1 MUU = $1 USD
Accepted Payment: – (BTC) Bitcoin and (LTC) Litecoin
Minimum MUU purchase amount: – 250 MUU

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