Outlander 5E Background

Hello adventurers! Welcome to the dndtopics.com. We are grateful for your participation in our background series. Today we’re going to be going over one of the more classic 5e backgrounds at least in terms of concept. We’re going over the dnd 5e outlander background. Now this is actually relatively similar to a couple of the other dnd backgrounds 5e we’ve covered. The guru and the ark are similar, but the far traveler is probably quite different. There’s a handful of them here and there. But it’s really just a traveler to make it as simple as wanderer i guess that’s what this feature is called but it’s all kind of the same just from a thematic standpoint. In any case if you’re visiting our website for the first time or if you haven’t checked all of our background articles and don’t know what are dnd backgrounds then we highly recommend you to click on the mentioned link and be updated with our latest articles everyday. That being said let’s dive into the outlander 5e by first taking a moment and going over its description.


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  1. You’ve grown up in the wilds, far from the civilization and even far from the comforts of town and from the technology too.
  2. It was the only creature that could see for miles the movements of herds, which were effectively larger than the forests. The survived weather was more severe than any city dweller could comprehend.
  3. However you’re be like, the wilds are in your blood only, whether you could be a nomad, an explorer, a recluse, a hunter-gatherer, or even a marauder.
  4. In some places you don’t even know their features of terrain, but there you still know the ways of the wilds because you grown up in wilds.

Outlander 5E Traits

There are four types 5e outlander traits. You can see them all from the following lines.

  • Skill Proficiencies Survival, Athletics
  • Tool Proficiencies: One Type Of Musical Instrument
  • Language: One Of Your Choices
  • Equipment: A staff, a trophy from an animal you killed, belt pouch containing 10 gp, a hunting trap and a set of traveler’s clothes.

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