Prodigy DnD 5E Feat

Whats up adventurers of all sizes and styles. Welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for clicked on our forty second episode of our dnd 5e feats collection. Right now we’re going to be looking at one of many solely racial feats accessible to people and a feat that’s fairly frankly excellent in case your hero has shall we embrace some narcissistic tendencies or it claims to be the most effective at all the things performed a personality like that previously, actually loved it however the remainder of my social gathering both you have been fairly opinionated about them. That being stated as we speak we’re looking at dnd 5e prodigy feat. This distinctive feat is discovered within the xanathar’s information to all the things and you already know it’s fairly cool. Let’s check out the outline right here to raised perceive what we’re speaking about.


At first there’s a prerequisite and that’s that you simply gotta have human in you someplace be it a half-elf, half-orc, or a straight-up purebred human and nice a human as i prefer to name them over within the underdark a minimum of. Let’s learn this feat description and get a greater sense for the wording right here.

Prerequisite: Half-Elf, Half-Orc, or Human

As a prodigy dnd feat 5e you’ve got the knack to be be taught many new issues. Being this dnd feat you possibly can acquire the under talked about benefits:

  • The very first benefit you possibly can acquire from this feat is gaining one talent proficiency any of your selection, one software proficiency relies upon upon your selection and naturally the fluency in a single language of your chosen.
  • The second profit is deciding on one talent inside which you’ve got the proficiency. You may as well acquire the experience with that particular talent, meaning your proficiency bonus has been doubled for any sort of capability examine which you make with it. In fact the talent you choose should be one which isn’t already benefiting from a specific function, corresponding to Experience, that doubles your proficiency bonus.

Oh! wow! what a wordy one. In any case let’s head over to the walkthrough and simply unpacked it just a little bit.


So, there’s probably not a complete lot as we speak sec-too a lot right here. You get one talent proficiency, one software proficiency and an extra language. Which is all tremendous nice when actually give it some thought. You additionally get and that is the holy grail, my goodness! You get one capability that you simply get to place experience on. Which is basically double proficiency, super-sweet! Rogues get it, Bards get it as effectively kinda sorta it’s bizarre i’ll clarify that just a little bit later. That being stated tremendous cool stuff! With all of that out of the way in which let’s check out my private ideas on it.


So, by way of like who advantages most from this? it’s exhausting to say it’ll most likely be one of many charisma based mostly lessons so paladin or sorcerer or warlock or perhaps a knowledge based mostly class just like the druid or the cleric. Causes being that is actually a feat that’s meant to profit out of fight greater than in fight. What i imply by that’s talent checks are often not made in fight, they’re made outdoors so it is smart to align it with a type of stats as a result of they’re simply extra helpful outdoors of fight.

That being stated the cool attention-grabbing construct idea for this and i would like a few of you veterans to weigh in on this as a result of personally being a dungeon grasp idle out in my video games however i don’t know in the event you would or if would change the stability of this feat in any respect however i don’t know if it impacts the bard form of pseudo experience prefer it’s half experience just like the feat specifies that solely take into account is when you possibly can’t stack this with one thing that doubles your buzz as one thing that doubles your proficiency. However the rogue or the bard one doesn’t. It solely provides half. So i’m simply curious if you may get 2.5 your proficiency bonus added on to something. what i imply? i assume i’m making sense if you wish to weigh in on that i might enormously recognize it.


That being stated! if in case you have any loopy ideas, construct concepts, opinions or cool tales involving Prodigy let me know down within the feedback beneath i actually recognize it and that i’m trying ahead to studying all of them. Thanks a lot guys and as at all times glad adventuring and have an amazing day.

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