Produce Flame 5E Spell

Hello everyone! We welcome you to dndtopics. Cantrip series. Today we’re going to be looking at Produce flame spell 5e. The druid can use this fiery spell, but anyone with access to their spell books for magic initiates out there will not be able to. It is located in the Handbook for playersEveryone should have it. Let’s take a quick look at some of the mechanics here. In any case if you’ve missed out to check our dnd 5e spells official list then please go and check the page it has lot more content there.


  • Level: Cantrip
  • Casting time:1 Action
  • Range/Area:Self
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration:10 minutes
  • School: Conjuration
  • Attack/Save:Ranged
  • Damage/Effect:Fire


The flickering flames of this Produce Flame 5E are visible in your hands. The flame will stay there for a certain time and it will not harm you or your equipment. The flame would emit brighter light within 10 feet of the area and dimming light for 10 feet further. The spell will end if it is dismissed as an action, or if you cast the spell again.

Have you ever heard of tree stride 5e?

The flame can be used to attack, but this will end the dnd Produce Flame spell. You can throw the flame at any creature that is within 30 feet of you, if you cast this spell or another action on a subsequent turn. You can make a ranged attack. On a hit, your target will take 1d8 damage from fire.

At higher levels:

This spell’s damage actually increases by 1d8 whenever you reach 5th level the damage increases by 2d8, at 11th level 3d8 and at 17th level the damage will be 4d8.

DnD5E’s Attributes Create Flame

Casting time 1 action
Classes Druid
Components V
Injuries 1d8
Type of Damage Fire
Time 10 minutes
Niveau 0
Name Make Flame
Range Self
School Conjuration
Spell Attack Ranged
Target Self or another creature within 30ft of you
Other uses

You can only target one creature with this spell. You can only target a creature with this spell. So that includes lighting campfires, lighting torches as you’re working your way down a dungeons. So you don’t get lost and all the sneaks up behind you or burning down a potential building should you need to.

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