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PS Vita Emulator For PC

Are you looking for the PS Vita Emulator For PC? Read on to know more.

Being alive with the coolest trends around you is quite exciting. For gamers, this excitement began with the introduction of video games. It was later taken over by Game Boys, and then eventually the PlayStation series by Sony started dominating the digital gaming market. 

The PlayStation series introduced by Sony has been very successful in engaging the minds of children and young adults, especially boys. The PlayStation facilitates users to access different kinds of interesting games that people enjoy playing. 

However, as tempting as the PlayStation series seem, it is a very expensive investment. Not everyone can afford to buy a PlayStation for themselves. Also, when a PlayStation becomes obsolete, there are some games that become obsolete as well. However, if these games are revived back on other platforms, people can experience their nostalgia by playing those games on their PC.

In all these cases, where games cannot be played on the PlayStation itself, an alternate version of the same game available on the PC is made possible with the help of an emulator

To understand how an emulator works, and which emulator can be used for PS Vita, keep reading this article and find it out for yourself.

What Is Playstation (PS) Vita?

Compared to the other versions in the PSP series, the PS Vita is a completely turbo-charged style of unit, which uses a pocket-sized technology.

It has been designed carefully after doing research and development in the market for about half a decade. This was to make sure that the device has all the special features to make it unique and successful.

The PS Vita device uses an ARM Cortex-A9 processor with a quad-core, which means that there are four cores in the processor. Each of these cores is capable of giving a clock speed of up to 2GHz.

The Cortex-A9 chip used in this device is the same as the one being used in many advanced models of mobile units, like iPad 2 of Apple and Android smartphones that are designed with a system on a chip called Nvidia Tegra 2.

However, these mobile products usually use those Cortex-A9 processors which are dual-core, which means it has two cores. But, the PS Vita is unique because it uses four cores for very efficient and effective operation.

Sony has successfully made this product more efficient with the PowerVR SGX543MP4+ graphics processor. This ensures that with each passing second, the screen can facilitate about 133 million polygons and that too with 200MHz as its clock speed.

The PS Vita incorporates many important features of popular smartphones in many ways. For instance, while designing the PS Vita, Sony has used the same six-axis motion sensing system that few advanced smartphones use.

It also has a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope. These features are included to enable more motion control facilities. The PS Vita also has a three-axis electronic compass, which is another sensor.

This sensor measures the device’s orientation in accordance with the ground, with the help of the Earth’s magnetic field.

What Is An Emulator? [PS Vita Emulator For PC]

An emulator is a specially designed computer program or sometimes even custom-made computer hardware, that simulates another kind of device. 

For instance, Bluestack is a program that facilitates users to use apps from the android Playstore on a Windows PC. Dolphin is a program that allows the users to play the games by Nintendo GameCube and Wii, on their PCs, instead of the specific devices of those companies.

Logic Pro X is a famous Mac application specially designed for recording music. This emulator app allows its users to simulate the sound of a guitar amplifier within their PC and other devices.  All these are different types of emulators.

Each type of computer and the operating system that it uses is quite unique and subjective. This indicates that a program or application that is successful for one system may or may not work on another system.

This happens especially in cases where one compares similar aspects, like the main operating systems Windows and macOS, or distinct devices like a laptop and a PlayStation.

In such cases, emulators come into play. Emulators help to narrow down the gap between these devices and facilitate programs to work on all kinds of hardware.

For instance, if a user wants to use an application from the Windows device on their MacBook, they can do so simply by downloading the Parallels emulator.

Here, the Parallels emulator creates an environment similar to the Windows device in the MacBook. Thus users can run any Windows software that they want on their other devices.

Some emulators have the capability to improve the functioning of specific hardware while simulating it. For example, old video games were basically designed to complement 4:3 televisions. By using an appropriate emulator, this game can be upgraded to function well in widescreen resolution too, and that too at a higher frame rate.

If you are a person who prefers to or needs to be able to run all their required programs anywhere, and at any time, then an emulator is probably the best solution for you.

What Is The Playstation (PS) Vita Emulator?

Just like the emulators available for different programs, there is a PS Vita emulator too out there in the market. This emulator is called Vita3K.

It is probably the only, and the most popular emulator available for PS Vita. It can be used for any PC that uses either Microsoft Windows, Apple’s Mac OS, or Linux as its operating system.

There are no emulators designed for Android devices until now, but it is quite a relief that emulators for PCs are available to us.

How To Download The Emulator For Playstation (PS) Vita?

There are multiple ways in which one can download the emulator for Playstation Vita for PCs. The most effective and easy way to do it is by going to the official website of Vita 3K on the internet and downloading the appropriate file.

This method is safe and secure as it ensures that the file is downloaded from an official and trusted source, rather than a fake or scam website, which may end up injecting viruses into your PC. It may further lead to leaks of your private data, malfunctioning of your PC, and other uncontrollable risky issues.

How To Install The Emulator For Playstation (PS) Vita?

There are some considerations that need to be undertaken for this step. To run Vita 3K on a PC or laptop or a Mac or Linux machine, some requirements have to be fulfilled, which are quite specific to the system.

There are two categories of requirements that the developers are strongly inclined to. The first category is the minimum requirements category, and the second category is the recommended requirements category.

Minimum requirements are the ones that compulsorily need to be fulfilled for accessing the emulator. The recommended ones are the optional ones that may or may not be fulfilled. They are given to ensure a safer and smoother customer service and experience.

Minimum Requirements

  • The device must have at least 4 GB RAM.
  • The device’s GPU must support at least OpenGL 4.1.
  • The device’s CPU must have the AVX instruction set included in it.

Recommended Requirements

  • The device should use 8 GB RAM or greater.
  • The device’s GPU should support OpenGL 4.3.
  • The device’s GPU should also support shader interlock.
  • The device’s CPU should come with the AVX instruction set.

Operating System

It does not really matter which operating system you are using, but your device must have a 64-bit system because it cannot support a 32-bit system.

While installing the PS Vita emulator on your PC, there is a possibility that you may face a flagging issue where you receive an error message which says, “VCRUNTME140_1.dll was not found”.

You should not panic in such a case. It is a common issue and can be solved easily. All you need to do to solve this problem is to download the Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable and install it on your device. The problem will be resolved.

Vita 3K Firmware Installation

Some of the PS Vita games demand the presence of system modules of PS Vita. They cannot be run on Vita 3K unless and until the PS Vita firmware has been installed on Vita 3K.

You will be required to install two different firmware files on your Vita 3K emulator. One of the firmware files can be found and downloaded from the official website of PlayStation. The other firmware file has the system fonts and is located on the PlayStation Servers.

After downloading both the firmware files, trace these steps given below to complete their installation:

Open Vita3K emulator interface >> Click on File >> Install Firmware.

It is important for you to note that the system modules that are found in the first firmware file that you have downloaded from the official website of PlayStation will not function well with Vita3K.

For this reason, the developers of the Vita 3K emulator advise their users to load only four specific modules on the application. These modules are:

  • libpgf
  • libpvf
  • libatrac
  • libsas

Follow these steps to load the four modules:

Launch Emulator and then go to Configuration >> Settings >> Core.

How To Use The Emulator For Playstation (Ps) Vita?

This is an important step because though it may seem simple, there are certain complexities associated with the usage of the emulator, and finding games on it.

Though the Vita 3K emulator is free from the illegality, downloading PS Vita games would still fall under the head of piracy. You should avoid doing that because it is quite risky. It will be on you. Your carelessness may land you in deep legal troubles.

So to avoid these troubles, to play any PS Vita game on the Vita 3K emulator, you will have to manually dump the games using supplementary software like Vitashell or FAGDec, or Minidump.

After you dump the games, ensure that the files are either in .vpk format or in .zip format. This is a necessary step because only these two formats are compatible for the emulator to accept. So, make sure that you install them through the emulator interface.

If you do feel like installing the games via the emulator, you can use the drag and drop feature to put the games into a specific folder.

For Windows, this folder is located at:


For Mac, this folder can be found at:

~/Library/Application Support/Vita3K/pref_path/ux0/app

For Linux, the folder can be found at this location:


Benefits Of Using The Emulator For Playstation (Ps) Vita

The best part about using the Vita 3K is that it is entirely free. The users do not have to pay anything, and so it allows you to play the games of the expensive PS Vita on your PC.

It is very simple to use, just like most other emulators for any other gaming purpose. However, if you end up paying for any game, it would mean that you have probably downloaded the wrong link, and it was a scam or theft that you became a victim of.

Vita 3K is an experimental project and is open-source software. 

Vita 3K facilitates only a few commercial titles in the current times. To be precise, there are about four commercial titles that are available. Here are the names of these four titles:

  • Alone With You
  • Fruit Ninja
  • My Name Is Mayo
  • VA-11HALL-A

However, there are around 110 Homebrew games available as well, that you may choose to play. Here are the names of a few Homebrew games:

  • 2048-PSP
  • 4Rows
  • Abbaye Des Morts Vita
  • Account Switcher
  • AdrBubbleBooterInstaller
  • Bad Apple VITA
  • Battleship Arena
  • Bernard Chronicles
  • CardUnlock
  • DeathRun To Vita
  • EDuke32 Vita
  • Freeway Mutant
  • Game of Life
  • GirlsAreWeird
  • Minesweeper
  • Minecraft Vita, etc.

Is It Safe To Use An Emulator For Playstation (Ps) Vita?

Nothing is entirely risk-free. The emulators for PS Vita too are not free from risks and drawbacks. Because it is an emulator, there are often issues related to legality rising up, if you do not use legal programs like Vita 3K.

If you download from the wrong link, you may end up in trouble due to privacy issues, security concerns, and monetary scams. This emulator had been designed as an experimental project. This makes it less stable and offers a slower operating speed.


So this is how you can revive and play your fondest PS Vita games on your PC! Seems exciting, right? Go on, download the emulator for Playstation Vita and binge play your favorite Playstation games.

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