Revenant Blade 5E Feat

Whats up adventurers of all styles and sizes. Welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for clicked on our forty fourth episode of our feat collection. At this time we’re gonna be looking at a really attention-grabbing one, immediately we’re going to looking at dnd 5e revenant blade feat this explicit feat can be discovered within the wayfinders information to eberron and truthfully i’ve by no means checked out it prior to now. To be sincere i wasn’t even positive if it existed till immediately. It is extremely very cool and tremendous helpful for sure builds. However i’ll get into all of that later. In the event you don’t have the wayfinders information to eberron i would definitely advocate getting it. There’s one in every of my favourite of all time races in there and that i’m positive it’s an important learn for all of you as effectively. With all that hype out of the best way let’s check out the outline to know we’re speaking about.


In the beginning that is our first feat the place there’s truly two stipulations to it. What sort of type i’ll clarify somewhat bit later. In the beginning you gotta be an elf. Pretty self-explanatory we’ve dealt feats like that previously specifically elven accuracy. Nonetheless the place this one differs is to reap the benefits of two thirds and a feat. It’s a must to have a revenant double bladed scimitar. You may as well make your personal revenant weapon however your DM has to approve it naturally. The outline reads as adopted.

Prerequisite: ELF* revenant double-bladed scimitar (or AL Ternative)

You’re descended kind the grasp of a double-blade, and naturally a few of such mastery have been handed on to you. Nonetheless with this feat you shall get the under given benefits:

  • You may enhance your Dexterity or Energy rating by 1, virtually to a most of 20.
  • Whereas wielding a double-bladed weapon with its two fingers, you’d achieve +1 AC.
  • Really a double-bladed scimitar has a finesse property once you wield it.
  • In your flip once you use a bonus motion to make a melee assault with the blades on the reverse finish of the weapon, that weapon’s injury die for this assault will increase to 2d4, as an alternative of 1d4.
  • To achieve weapon advantages of this feat geared up a revenant double bladed scimitar or different create your personal related weapon.

Wow…alright lot to unpack there. Let’s take it all the way down to the walkthrough part and break this down just a bit bit extra.


So even with out the blade geared up simply by itself this feat offers you a plus one to dex or energy. Which makes logical sense as a result of this complete feat is being designed and aimed in the direction of a finesse weapon so you need to use your methods or your dex because the modifier which you recognize makes logical sense. Nonetheless whilst you’re a holding a revenant double bladed scimitar or different revenant double bladed weapon. You get a plus one to AC which may make or break a whole lot of encounters and as your bonus motion once you go to assault with that second blade it does 2d4 as an alternative of 1d4.

Basically damaging your injury minotaur primarily doubling your injury minimal and most which could be very superb stuff for positive. Alright, let’s get into my private ideas on it.


I believe that is truthfully implausible. Who advantages most from it? you recognize i wish to say the hex blade warlock would both them or you recognize the rogue may as effectively. Really in addition to the eldritch knight these would most likely be the principle three motive being they’re prone to have both the extraordinarily excessive dex or energy you may choose up both or with this weapon.

In addition they make notably elves, you may truly put paladins on the record too. I simply due to their charisma proper! The most important winner hands-down although could be the hex blade warlock between this thirsty blade and a ton of different methods to change their melee assaults i really feel like they’d most likely achieve essentially the most profit from this. Additionally that plus one when the AC would actually assist them out as effectively and yeah you recognize i might contemplate this should you’re simply an elf generally or should you’re a melee character generally who occurs to be an elf.


That being stated should you guys have any loopy various makes use of for this feat. Anyhow you’d prefer to see you utilize any combo concepts or any feedback please take it all the way down to the remark part under. I actually recognize studying them and i do know everybody else checking this text does as effectively. Thanks a lot guys and as all the time have an important day and completely satisfied adventuring.

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