Sailor Background 5E

As we speak we’re going to be going over the sailor dnd background. Which the pirate we went over, the sailor and the pirate variants of one another mainly. I neglect which one got here first, i feel the sailor is the unique after which the pirate is technically the variant. However i don’t actually suppose it issues a lot they’re thought-about two separate dnd backgrounds by nearly each metric. In any case properly at the least they’ve the identical mechanics, similar description however the characteristic is completely different. Earlier than we transfer on right here if you happen to haven’t checked out our up to date background collection but you may try from this hyperlink now let’s dive into the outline right here.


It’s been a few years that you simply had been sailed on the seagoing vessel. In that particular time, you had confronted down a number of the mighty storms, monsters of the deep, and likewise these whoever wished you to sink your craft for the bottomless depths. On this dnd background your past love is the distant line of horizon, however after the time has been come to check out your hand at one thing new.

That is additionally first background from the would possibly 9 as i’m positive lot of you already know. It’s fairly fairly good total, it’s usefulness could fluctuate nevertheless it’s description is very nice. Now let’s check out its mechanics right here now.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Athletics, Notion
  • Software Proficiencies: Navigator’s instruments, automobiles (water)
  • Languages: None
  • Gear: A belaying pin (membership), 50 ft of silk rope, a fortunate appeal resembling a rabbit foot or a small stone with a gap within the heart (or chances are you’ll roll for a random trinket on the Trinkets desk in chapter 5), a set of widespread garments, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Below ability proficiencies you achieve each athletics and notion that are each extremely helpful. Below device proficiencies you achieve navigators instruments and water automobiles as properly. Below tools you might have a belaying pin which is only a membership, 50 ft of silk rope, a fortunate appeal, a set of widespread garments and a pouch containing 10 gp. Which places you consistent with the typical after all. Total it’s very nice and it’s usefulness could fluctuate primarily based on the marketing campaign, if you happen to’re simply on like a stable land continent. Odds are the utilizing water automobiles isn’t actually going to be tremendous helpful. The navigator’s instruments on the whole i discover to be fairly good particularly if the get together is touring with out guides or ferryman or what have you ever. However total it’s fairly good. The athletics and notion are each unimaginable expertise to have by the best way and having a look on the tools, it’s superb you already know there may be nothing actually value bragging about however it’s yeah it’s superb.

It’s essential to focus on the character of a ship which you’ve beforehand sailed by your DM. A number of the questions raised at your DM are….

Was it a service provider ship, a naval vessel, a ship of discovery, or a pirate ship? How well-known (or notorious) is it? Is it broadly traveled? Is it nonetheless crusing, or is it lacking and presumed misplaced with all arms?

What have been your duties on board – boatswain, captain, navigator, cook dinner, or another place? Who have been the captain and first mate? Did you permit your ship on good phrases together with your fellows, or on the run?

Prompt Traits

The sailor background 5e might be the tough lot, however on the similar time tasks of life on a ship could make them usually dependable as properly too. The life can overseas the ship shapes their outlook after which it could possibly types their most necessary attachments.

Character Traits

D8 Character Traits
1 My buddies know they’ll depend on me, it doesn’t matter what.
2 I work arduous in order that I can play arduous when the work is finished.
3 I take pleasure in crusing into new ports and making new buddies over a flagon of ale.
4 I stretch the reality for the sake of a superb story.
5 To me, a tavern brawl is a pleasant strategy to get to know a brand new metropolis.
6 I by no means go up a pleasant wager.
7 My language is as foul as an otyugh nest.
8 I like a job properly carried out, particularly if I can persuade another person to do it.


D6 Excellent
1 Respect. The factor that retains a ship collectively is mutual respect between captain and crew. (Good)
2 Equity. All of us do the work, so all of us share within the rewards. (Lawful)
3 Freedom. The ocean is freedom-the freedom to go wherever and do something. (Chaotic)
4 Mastery. I am a predator, and the opposite ships on the ocean are my prey. (Evil)
5 Folks. I am dedicated to my crewmates, to not beliefs. (Impartial)
6 Aspiration. Sometime I will personal my very own ship and chart my very own future. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 I am loyal to my captain first, all the pieces else second.
2 The ship is most necessary – crewmates and captains come and go.
3 I will at all times keep in mind my first ship.
4 In a harbor city, I’ve a paramour whose eyes practically stole me from the ocean.
5 I used to be cheated out of my justifiable share of the income, and I wish to get my due.
6 Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered our ship, and left me to die. Vengeance can be mine.


D6 Flaw
1 I comply with orders, even when I feel they’re mistaken.
2 I will say something to keep away from having to do further work.
3 As soon as somebody questions my braveness, I by no means again down regardless of how harmful the state of affairs.
4 As soon as I begin consuming, it is arduous for me to cease.
5 I can not assist however pocket unfastened cash and different trinkets I come throughout.
6 My pleasure will most likely result in my destruction.

Total this is able to simply be a reasonably enjoyable character to play, very merely motivated by cash which isn’t inherently a nasty factor it makes the dungeon masters job manner simpler, and the top aim is to buy your individual ship and sail no matter. Nevertheless many seas you’ve in your world i actually like that quite a bit, as a result of it offers a form of finish aim for the character that doesn’t like utterly take away them from the world. So utilizing that they’ll really develop into an NPC in future video games which is one thing i like to do and that i like to see when different DM’s do it as properly. It actually helps give the get together the impression that they’re constructing the world round them. It’s actually a neat stuff.

Now let’s transfer alongside to the characteristic right here. The characteristic for the sailor is known as ship’s passage and that is against the pirates characteristic of unhealthy repute. In any case ship’s passage reads as adopted.

Function: Ship’s Passage

Regardless of when you’ll want to do, additionally you capable of safe the free passage on a crusing ship for the sake of your self and likewise your adventuring companions. You is likely to be sailed on a ship that you simply’ve served on, or else one other ship that you’ve got finest relationships with in a great way (most likely one captained by a former crewmate). Simply because that you simply’re calling within the favor and likewise you cannot make sure of the schedule or else the route that can meet your each want. Mainly, your DM shall decide about how lengthy it’s take to get the place you might have must go. In consideration on your free passage, you and likewise your companions have been anticipated to help a selected crew on the time of voyage.

Additionally learn home agent 5e background

Actually superb stuff, mainly simply actually helps you out over seafaring adventures could also be even offer you a few further males simply by proxy. That being mentioned although it’s usefulness is gonna fluctuate primarily based on the model of marketing campaign you’re operating and i feel that’s why the pirate variant actually exists however. I don’t know let me know what you suppose down beneath within the remark part.

That is undoubtedly going to be one of many issues that you simply’re going to one of many issues that you simply’re going to talk together with your DM about earlier than taking. Simply because in the event that they’re probably not planning on you guys happening a ship such as you’re restricted to a landlocked continent for instance.

You’re actually not going to see any usefulness out of this and it’s i’m not going to say it’s going to harm your get together nevertheless it’s going to make you’re feeling much less helpful which i feel is even worse proper?

Variant Sailor: Pirate

Your younger age/your youth has been spent underneath the sway of the dread pirate, additionally the a ruthless cutthroat those that taught you about how can we survive on this world of the sharks and likewise savages. You’ve been indulged within the larceny on some excessive seas and likewise they despatched greater than a deserving soul for the briny grave. Though the worry and bloodshed these aren’t any strangers to you, and likewise you’ve been garnered a considerably unsavory repute in lots of the port city.

Each time if you happen to’ve determined that your crusing profession has been concerned the piracy, which you’ll selected to the unhealthy repute characteristic which has talked about beneath as a substitute of Ship’s Passage characteristic.

Variant Function: Dangerous Status

Really, this dnd 5e sailor background has characteristic together with the ship’s passage which is known as unhealthy repute and your character which has this background then chances are you’ll be selected this unhealthy repute background characteristic as a substitute of one other characteristic of this background.

Regardless of about the place you will, the peoples all are afraid of you due to your repute. Whenever you’re within the civilized settlement and likewise you may get away by the minor prison offenses, like refusing to pay for the meals on the tavern or else breaking down the doorways on the native store, however since the general public these is not going to report your exercise to the authorities.

Now let’s check out my private ideas concerning the sailor.


At a look it’s fairly good total. That being mentioned although it’s usefulness may be very marketing campaign dependent. So chat together with your DM about it as i’ve been talked about earlier. That’s actually one of the best plan of action as a result of if you happen to’re not going to be close to any main our bodies of water. I’m going to most likely push you in direction of the pirate. When you nonetheless wish to keep the identical traits at the least.

That being mentioned although, i don’t know let me know what you suppose down beneath within the remark part. Make sure to point out any ideas, questions, feedback or considerations you will have concerning the sailor. In addition to any concepts or cool tales you might have.

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