Second Chance DnD 5E Feat

Howdy adventurers of all sizes and styles. Welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for clicked on our forty seventh episode of our feats sequence. Immediately we’re going to be one other racial unique feat. Immediately we’re gonna be looking at dnd 5e second likelihood feat that is completely good for these characters who simply don’t like getting hit or who’ve a necessity to not get hit. We’ll get into that slightly extra later and it’s discovered within the seventy fifth web page of xanathar’s information to every part e-book. If you don’t personal this already i’d extremely advocate it, xanathar’s has a ton of nice content material in it. And truthfully has a few of the greatest feats and spells in your entire sport. With that out of the best way let’s check out the outline right here.


In the beginning you do have a prerequisite and that’s that you simply gotta be a Halfling, one of many we sort of pseudo hobbits which are on the market. The halfling that has a number of luck associated stuff as you’ll be able to word out from earlier entries on this sequence. That being mentioned let’s check out the outline.

Stipulations: Halfling

As per this Second Probability DnD 5E Feat the Fortune favors you every time somebody tries to strike you. After all you can even achieve the beneath talked about advantages:

  • The primary benefit is improve your dexterity, Structure, or Charisma by 1, to a most of 20.
  • At any time when a creature that you would be able to see hits you by an assault roll, you can even use your response for forcing that individual creature to be reroll. So, as soon as you employ this capability after which you can’t use it once more until till you do roll initiative on the very begin of a fight or till you’d end a brief or lengthy relaxation.

Wow, not tremendous lengthy i’m how a lot did fairly shock with that. In any case let’s check out the walkthrough right here and sort of break it down slightly bit additional.


So, the +1 dexterity, structure or charisma pretty self-explanatory. In the beginning you’re gonna wish to choose whichever one has the closest to your skills for a modifier improve in after which after that you simply’re gonna wish to go along with no matter ones sort of extra necessary to your character at the least at that present second.

When you’re a caster and also you’re most likely gonna neither one structure or charisma for those who’re a melee fighter or dex based mostly fighter the very least you’re gonna need dexterity to your structure. That logically is smart.

The second a part of this feat is fairly fascinating although. So when a creature makes an assault function towards you and it’s confirmed to be a success you should utilize your response and trigger them to roll it and doubtlessly miss you. Now it’s difficult since you don’t get to choose which quantity they go off of, you simply completely make an enroll.

So there’s a slight likelihood that of they hit you the primary time, they’re gonna hit you once more or probably even crit you. So it’s consumer with with a grain of salt alright! might save, might kill you, your name actually good regardless however so your name and the one of many extra fascinating elements is how you should utilize it once more.

So a number of feats like his you’ll be able to actually solely use it as soon as a day. However this one you’ll be able to really use it as soon as each fight encounter, each time you roll initiative proper! I feel that’s very useful and i feel it’s the most redeeming a part of this feat.

I’d truthfully there can be conditions the place i’d really choose this over the fortunate feat. really i don’t know, nothing it sort of relies upon. In any case let’s check out my private ideas on it and sort of clarify who will get probably the most out of this.


So, i wish to say by way of who will get probably the most bang for his or her buck? Most likely casters specializing in focus spells. Purpose being casters for those who’re operating low on spells slots the very last thing you wish to do is burn a response based mostly assault.

So, it would make extra sense to make use of this in place proper! Just because as a substitute of solely with the ability to use it 3 times a day, you’ll be able to really use it as soon as each encounter. So, by way of lengthy final capability of it i’d really choose this. Particularly, for those who’re not in a fight to fight sort of gameplay the place all of your video games like very fight centered.

Not saying there’s something flawed with that simply saying that may most likely the very best circumstances to make use of second likelihood. The one different character which may profit from that is one which doesn’t use their response a complete lot. Rogues for instance don’t usually abuse it as a lot as different lessons do. So because of this second likelihood feat might work although actually good in  a rogue.


That being mentioned! When you’ve got any feedback, any concepts, any combos, any character concepts, or any cool tales involving second likelihood 5e feat i’d actually like to listen to them down within the feedback beneath and i do know everybody else checking this text would as effectively. That being mentioned guys as all the time have an amazing and joyful adventuring.

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