Shield Master DnD 5E Feat

Hey adventurers of all sizes and styles! Welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for testing our fiftieth ever episode of our feats 5e sequence. At the moment we’re gonna be having a look at protect grasp 5e feat now that is excellent for these characters with ludicrously excessive AC who simply wish to assist out the celebration and appeal to as a lot aggro as potential. It has discovered within the gamers handbook and you recognize actually if you happen to’re carrying a protect frequently i’d advocate simply having a look at this on the whole it’s actually cool. That being stated let’s check out the outline to raised perceive what this feat all about.


At the beginning it is likely to be value noting that though there’s technically no prerequisite right here. You Ought to in all probability be carrying a protect if you wish to take benefit to virtually any of this. The outline reads as adopted.

Truly, this protect grasp feat in dnd helps you not just for safety but in addition for the offense. By utilizing this dnd 5e feat you’ll be able to acquire the under talked about benefits whilst you’re wielding a protect.

  • In the event you do take an assault motion in your flip, and there you should use a bonus motion for attempting to shove a creature inside a distance of 5 ft from you by your protect.
  • Suppose, if you happen to’re not incapacitated, you’ll be able to simply add your protect’s AC bonus for any of the dexterity saving throw that you just do make in opposition to a spell or else different dangerous impact which targets solely to you.
  • Nevertheless, if you happen to’re subjected to an impact which usually lets you make a dexterity saving throw for taking solely half injury, You too can use your response for taking no injury if you’re succeed on the saving throw, additionally interposing your protect in between your self and likewise a supply of the impact.

Tremendous attention-grabbing stuff there! Actually i actually like the best way that is worded and also you do want a protect to benefit from any of that. So simply bear that in thoughts behind your head. That being stated let’s check out the walkthrough and simply break this down slightly bit additional.


So i acquired to make clear actual fast right here a pair issues. Firstly this may solely be finished after you make an assault. What i imply by that’s you bought to make the assault motion first. It doesn’t matter if you happen to hit or if you happen to miss, it doesn’t must be a profitable assault you simply must take the assault motion earlier than you utilize your bonus motion to shove. Now a shoving in 5e works slightly bit in a different way.

Shoving basically offers you the selection to knock them again 5 ft or knock them inclined and it isn’t assured to be an automated success, it’s really your athletics versus their athletics or acrobatics. So bear that within the again your thoughts we’re utilizing this as effectively. That’s extra of a notice for DMs on the market. A whole lot of occasions gamers assume it’s an automated success however as worded it says you attempt to shove a creature. That attempt implies that’s not a assured success and then you definitely acquired to undergo this rule. Would you get benefit you recognize circumstantially ID allowed my video games however it’s in the end your DMs name.

Secondly your protect AC bonus is utilized to any dexterity saving throws you make. As long as they’re solely concentrating on you. What meaning is issues like fireball that focus on a couple of enemy you’ll be able to’t use it there. That’s form of a DM name as written that’s appropriate al although it doesn’t make an entire ton of sense to me personally.

In any case simply one thing to consider after which the third proponent there whenever you’re first roll dex save for half injury, this might apply to fireball. So you’ll be able to burn your response and do you have to succeed take zero injury. I feel that’s in all probability probably the most helpful a part of this feat and if you’re attempting to construct a tank your character that’s 1000% the best way to go.

There’s a variety of occasions your AC could be ludicrously excessive however if in case you have poor dex, you’re gonna discover it very arduous to keep away from most excessive damaging spells. In any case let’s check out my private ideas for this.


I actually might see this being utilized by somebody like let’s say the swashbuckler or the bard for certain might actually acquire a variety of use out of this. These would in all probability be the 2 finest lessons i might actually see profiting from this. That being stated i imply any class with protect proficiency might actually get a variety of bang for his or her buck. In the event you actually plan on going this route i’d really recommend taking a one degree dip into forge cleric. Cause being they will apply a +1 bonus to something actually, so make a plus 1 protect or any piece of kit i ought to say. So make a plus one protect with that and also you’ll discover that it’ll be fairly value it.


That being stated guys, if in case you have any builds, combo concepts, feedback or cool tales involving protect grasp i’d actually like to listen to them down within the feedback beneath. I like studying them, i do know everybody testing this text does as effectively. That being stated guys thanks a lot as soon as once more for selecting our web site, i actually do respect it have an incredible day and as all the time pleased adventuring.

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