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Dan Hart – DJ Bio
Cutting, scratching and editing of Electro tunes for breakdance forays into London’s West
End is where it all started for Dan Hart. Equipped with a roll of lino, a painted Ghetto blaster
and the latest Street Sounds albums Dan & his mates body popped their way around Covent
Garden entertaining tourists whilst still too young to get into nightclubs!
He started club DJing when he moved to Leeds in 1988 – banging out the tunes he’d heard
at the city’s clubs & raves as well as what he could pick up in Crash records.
In 1993 he moved back to London playing at a number of clubs around the City & West End
and subsequently gaining a warm-up slot for ‘Glitteratti’ at The Cross which resulted in
other residencies in London.
Recognition of Dan’s developing DJ career came in the form of a regular booking for Global
Grooves in the Midlands where Dan got to know many of the movers and shakers in the
business. He played for Global on the Flying Scotsman in Wales and was having such a good
time that he didn’t want to let the next DJ (Andy Carroll) come on.
Through the Global Grooves connections Dan managed to play the sunset slot at Café
Mambo in Ibiza. A spin off from The Cross was a residency at New Bar in Islington which was
owned by the Cross’s Managers.
In 1996 Dan spent 9 months in Detroit through work where armed with a set of Gemini
decks he introduced his American friends to House music (somewhat ironically). Whilst in
the USA he couldn’t resist a vinyl hunting trip to New York and dropped in to The Tunnel
Club to see Junior Vasquez. It was while listening to Junior’s set that he realised what he was
listening to was sampling and looping on the fly. He realised that the future of DJing (for him
at least) involved more than just playing other people’s tunes.
After returning to Europe he sold his Gemini and Soundlab Direct Drive decks and invested
in a pair of Technics 1200s which he still has today. Over the years he added to this with a
sampler/ sequencer, drum machines and synths so he could emulate the live production of
Junior Vasquez as well as create his own tunes. Dan produced a number of tracks with no
commercial intent but some of his bootlegs (notably a ‘lounge version’ of Lola’s theme by
The Shapeshifters and a blend of New Order’s ‘The Beach’ with the acapella of ‘Lazy’ by X-
Press 2) proved very popular as downloads. Dan’s knowledge of music production and the
ability to create live meant that he was able to take full advantage of the new Pioneer DJ
equipment when they brought in looping & sampling.

Dan made further inroads in Ibiza during 2003 & 2004 where he secured daytime and night
time residencies for the full summer season at Hotel Es Vive and still plays there when
visiting the white isle.
It was through the residency at Es Vive that Dan met Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan (Miss
Moneypenny’s/Chuff Chuff) who later invited Dan to DJ at Heroes of House. By now he had
moved to the Midlands – he became a resident of Heroes and played alongside all the great
names in house music from Adamski to Alison Limerick to Jon Pleased Wimmin, Jeremy
Healy, Norman Cook, Seb Fontaine, Alex P, Brandon Block and many more. He also
reacquainted himself with John Kelly – who he'd warmed up for at the Cross 20 years
After 10 years in the Midlands, Dan moved back to Yorkshire where he has continued to ply
his trade – appearing at Curiosity in Hull at a night headlined by Todd Terry and with Allister
Whitehead in Malton.
As Dan has lived through the House Music era right from its beginnings in the 1980s his
musical style has evolved along with it. His musical taste is predominantly funky house but
there is no mistaking the influence of Disco, Electro and even Breakbeat in what he plays.
What you are guaranteed is dynamic, varied and entertaining new mixes including sounds
and samples to evoke House nights going back over 30 years.
Dan has a weekly Solid House radio show playing the latest Promos sprinkled with classics
which you can catch on https://Muusic.FM His archived shows are all on Mixcloud at
Many years of DJing at a top level provided Dan with excellent contacts throughout the
business and he decided to try his hand at promoting – initially with a room 2 event
‘Scandalous’ (supporting Dave Pearce in The Courtyard) at The Old School House &
Courtyard in Hull.
Having tried promoting one night the urge to create something special has well and truly
bitten. Dan has formed a DJ collective with Gray Cooper & John Wres (both DJs from Brid) &
Jamie Barr (DJ Barney) from Driffield. They are now promoting as “The Golden Boys
Presents……..” a Showcase bringing Classic House nights to The Old School House in Hull.
The Golden Boys Presents…….. second night will be at the end of November coinciding with
Dan’s Birthday – Davos & Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan will be headlining……..

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