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Giulio Bonaccio – NYC
DJ Giulio Bonaccio was born in 1967 in
Crotone, Calabria, Italy.
His DJ Career started at tender age of
12 at Club Niagara in Crotone in South
Italy. He worked there until he was 18.
Thereafter He traveled throughout Italy,
and worked also in Naples with the World
renown promoters “Angels of Love”.
Later in Riccione he joined the famed
Maurizio Clemente at “Caus’n’ffect” and
they booked international DJS to Italy.
Together they organized the COCA COLA DJ AWARDS and the VOLKSWAGEN DJ AWARDS, inviting Top Acts such
as Victor Simonelli, Tony Humphries, Danny Buddha Morales and the Basement Boys, just to name a few to
the greatest Clubs In Riccione, and later across Italy.
In 1990 Giulio relocates to London yet he still travels back and forth to Riccione. In London, he spins at the
“Equipe Anglaise”, a Celebrity Venue with attendees such as Onassis, Antonio Cantafora, Brigitte Nielsen,
Sylvester Stallone and many other Hollywood stars.
In the Late 90′s he produced a series of Hits such as “Fiesta”and “Malandrage” for Victor Simonelli’s West Side
Records and Stellar Records they were eventually picked up for the “Famous Latin Impressions compilations” a
project concocted by Giulio Bonaccio and Victor Simonelli.
Thereafter followed a remix of the Song “Let It be Known Feat. Connie Harvey”.
In 2000 he moves to New York. There Giulio starts a collaborations on Maurizio Clemente’s Song “Lift me up”
featuring Sabrina Johnston.
In New York he was also busy deejaying at Le Streghe in SOHO the Boom with the renown Club Impresario
Rocco Ancarola. The Venue was a celebrity mecca since it’s opening in 1992, patronized by such A-Lister such as
Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Mick Jagger, Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Francis Ford Coppola and
Prince and many others .
He held events also at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and Soho Grand Hotel along Tommy Saleh.
At the Skyroom, along Maurizio Clemente, he held the Event ITALO HOUSE STORY NYC which featured guests
such as Tony Humphries, later he created also the Event La Dolce Vita in collaboration with the Art Director
Christina Visca featuring top artists such as CE CE ROGERS, HEX HECTOR, Ashford & Simpson, Johnny De Mairo
and Singers such as David Walker, Melonie Daniels, Emory Toler, Vicky Martin, Kenny Bobien , Joi Cardwell,
Aaron K Gray, Stephanie Cooke and many more .
Giulio Bonaccio has been also active at the WMC – Miami, along Maurizio Clemente he organized the Tony
Humphries imprint the TONY RECORDS POOL PARTY. He has performed at the ADE – Amsterdam alongside
Davide Fiorese, Luis Radio, Neil Pierce ,Peppe Citarella & Spellband
His Music Productions includes “What I need “feat Stephanie Cooke On Soulstice Rec. Remixed by Mark Di
Meo e Gerardo Smedile and Kenny Carpenter on the Hed Kandi Compilation. He has collaborated with DJ Spen
Quantize Rec, Union Records, Peppe Citarella e Davide Fiorese. At the ADE with HSR Records. He worked with
BSR Music and Simone Keemo Tonsi

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