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Justin is, first and foremost, a music lover who can create and innovate using live instruments and music collected over the years, enabling him to connect with crowds across the globe. With a visual show to accompany his sets, Justin has been playing across the UK, Croatia and Jordan, taking the dancefloor to new and immersive levels.

Having been recently billed with Tom Trago, Ron Basejam (Crazy P), Paranoid London plus Jamie Jones & Enzo Siragusa, Justin is making waves in the London music scene and experimenting with new AV techniques to create a unique dancefloor experience – all this alongside his now legendary hang drum experience.

Holding residencies at The Beat Hotel Festival (Marrakech), 93 Feet East (London), Midnight (Leeds) and RYAD (Sheffield), Justin is growing into a contemporary artist for a contemporary and diverse crowd. With a cross-pollination of tunes from around the globe, Justin’s sets are borne out of eclecticism, tribal rhythms and using the dancefloor as a creative outlet for his unrelenting passion.

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