Skulker DnD 5E Feat

Hey adventurers of all sizes and styles! welcome to my spellbook and thanks a lot for tuning into the 52nd episode of our dnd 5e feats collection. Right this moment we’re going to be looking on the stealth archer feat often known as skulker feat 5e. Should you’ve ever performed skyrim you’ll 1000% get the reference and you’ll admire the side behind this specific selection. That being mentioned it has discovered within the participant’s handbook and it attracts a really sure type of play type to it as i’m positive you’ll discover right here in a bit. That being mentioned let’s check out its description and type of take a look at what we’re coping with right here.


At the beginning it is perhaps value noting that there’s a prerequisite for this skulker dnd 5e feat and that’s that you need to have a dexterity of 13 or larger earlier than you decide it and it type of is smart. That being mentioned let’s check out the total description right here, so you may type of get a greater thought as to why and the way this features.

Prerequisite: Dexterity 13 or larger

You’re an skilled in slinking through the shadows. By this Skulker DnD 5E Feat you may acquire beneath talked about advantages:

  • You’ll be able to simply attempt to conceal everytime you’re flippantly obscured from the creature reminiscent of from which you’re hiding.
  • Everytime you’re hidden from the creature and likewise miss it by a ranged weapon assault and likewise making an assault doesn’t reveal about what place you might be.
  • The dim gentle doesn’t impose the drawback in your knowledge (Notion) checks counting on a sight.

Tremendous cool stuff you may type of see what i imply when this may entice a sure play type. That being mentioned let’s check out the walkthrough and break it down just a bit bit additional.


At the beginning the hiding will your flippantly obscured super-great means you may primarily roll a conceal when you could have little or no cowl, little or no visibility loss between you and the goal. Tremendous useful for getting out of a pinch as properly after which not having the ability to get your place discover by lacking a set for helpful.

If i had a nickel each time i used to be within the marketing campaign and that i hit after which i took a shot and that i missed solely to have a compromise my place and put me in a very tough spot. Effectively then i’d have fairly just a few nickels. That being mentioned actually good there and dim gentle doesn’t impose drawback in your notion checks. Which is tremendous nice even exterior of fight. With that every one out of the way in which let’s check out my private ideas.


I completely love this one from a job play side, from a thematic side and from a mechanical side. I discover it to be one of many stronger feats within the recreation. My solely criticism of it truly is that it doesn’t stack with ranges the identical means a variety of the opposite ones do. I imply the flexibility to cover within the faintest of canopy is tremendous nice now what else get one thing very related as a racial means however for probably the most half this can be a great way for everybody and get entry to it.

The flexibility to overlook an assault should not have a screw up your complete plan can also be tremendous nice. And the dim gentle half phenomenal too as a result of it actually does open up the flexibility of your character fairly a bit and there’s not an entire lot of in style races which have darkish visions. This can be a good technique to type of get round that.

When it comes to who advantages most from this? i gotta say the rogue after they don’t have darkish imaginative and prescient already. I feel that’s fairly truthful they will conceal as a bonus motion which is very nice after which they will actually benefit from their sneak assault somewhat bit additional.

Exterior of that, i’m not really too positive the rogues the plain selection. My largest criticism of this specific feat is that it doesn’t incorporate spell assaults or ranged spell assault in order that’s somewhat little bit of misnomer there. Rangers for positive there’s a sure multi class construct with or ranger and bard in order that’s fairly cool. However rogues and rangers primarily would profit from this. Mckensie monk would possibly as properly for those who go together with the bow and arrow as your kenzi weapons. So you possibly can try this.

Exterior of these three i can’t actually consider anything of a profit to an excessive amount of from this. It type of relies upon somewhat thematic side of your character although. Within the arcane archer might as properly that’s one other one. So 4 whole.


In any case when you’ve got any concepts for which class might work however or working with this, any combo concepts, any feedback, any cool tales or any ideas involving Skulker i would like to listen to them down within the feedback beneath. I like studying them and i do know everybody else does as properly. Thanks a lot once more you guys and as all the time blissful adventuring.

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