Telekinetic (UA) DnD 5E Feat

Whats up adventurers of all sizes and shapes! Welcome to the 62nd episode of our feats 5e sequence. At present we’re going to be looking at dnd 5e telekinetic feat. This specific feat is discovered within the Unearthed Arcana sequence. So it’s primarily meant to be play examined. That is one other considered one of wizard’s of the coast try at bringing in psionics to the primary sport. Which i believe is basically nice and it’s a fantastic concept and it’s about time they’re pushing that path. However personally i received a little bit little bit of a bone to select with this one and that i’ll get into that in a little bit bit right here. Earlier than we do that permit’s truly check out the outline right here and work out precisely what’s happening.


So in the beginning there aren’t any prerequisite for this feat. Which i believe is ok. I want to see one thing like an clever rating of 13 or increased. One thing like that might make quite a lot of sense with this. However i’ll get right into a sort of why really feel that method a little bit bit later as effectively. So it reads as adopted.

With this dnd 5e feat you’ll be able to study to maneuver the issues along with your thoughts, granting you the next results:

  1. It may possibly improve your Intelligence, Knowledge, or Charisma rating by 1, to a most of 20 which is honest .
  2. It’s also possible to study the Mage Hand cantrip. It’s also possible to solid it even with out verbal or somatic parts, in an effort to make the spectral hand invisible, i believe that’s a little bit too good however you understand no matter. Suppose, when you’ve already know this spell and its vary shall be elevated by 30 toes everytime you solid it. Nevertheless its spellcasting capability is a capability elevated by this feat.
  3. So, as a bonus motion, you’ll be able to simply attempt to telekinetically shove one creature that you just’re in a position to see inside 5 toes of the spectral hand created by your mage hand spell. Everytime you accomplish that, the goal ought to be succeed on a Power saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + the power modifier of the rating elevated by this feat) or else be moved 5 toes towards and even away from you. A creature is ready to willingly fail this save.

Man it’s fairly dang good and that could be a bonus entry not a full motion. So let’s do a fast walkthrough.


So, principally plus one and two intelligence, nothing significantly fancy about that. There are a pair feats that try this as effectively. Not a complete lot however nonetheless. The verbal and somatic parts scratch these out of the dialog on the subject of mage hand. It’s additionally utterly invisible as a substitute of only a translucent ghostly hand. Which i believe makes it method too good as a cantrip however neither right here nor there.

Bonus motion to shove your opponent 5 toes away from you. I believe that’s superb the DC is eight plus proficiency modifier plus your intelligence modifier. So it may possibly get fairly excessive relying in your class.


When it comes to my private ideas when you can’t inform i believe this can be a little bit too good. I believe a great way of balancing this is able to be to solely be capable of solid the mage hand perhaps as soon as per brief relaxation or could also be use the shove as soon as per brief relaxation. I simply suppose it’s a little bit bit too good generally or one thing alongside these traces. I might in all probability increase the stipulations simply to make it so each class can seize this as a result of it’s sort of a no brainer.

When it comes to who advantages from it most? i’d in all probability say the rogue or perhaps even the monk relying on how conditions performed out. Or perhaps the ranger i don’t know! there’s quite a lot of lessons i may benefit from this anytime you don’t need to be tremendous shut and private this can be a nice technique to get out of it.

Wrap up

I believe it’s little bit too good. However inform me what you suppose down beneath within the remark part how would you employ it, how would you tweak it, would you permit it, do you want psionics, you not like them….? Let me know down beneath within the remark part i’m at all times curious to pay attention you guys. Thanks a lot guys i hope you’ve a fantastic day and as at all times pleased adventuring.

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