The First upfront and personal interview with Paul Cartwright about his life changing horrific accident whilst on holiday in Malta.

Written by on November 19, 2019

The first upfront and personal interview with Paul Cartwright about his life changing horrific accident whilst on holiday in Malta.

Hi Paul how are you ? How’s the recovery going?

Hey thanks for asking, I’m healing up, still in a lot of pain but to be honest I’m so happy to be alive and able to walk talk and have my humour. I am a big fan of reiki and I believe it’s the reiki that’s helped me get me back on my feet so fast.

So about the accident, do you remember anything and how you fell? 

It’s all a blur, things are starting to come back but I can’t remember falling.  

What do you think happened? 

I know I fell asleep on the balcony. I do sleep walk occasionally and that is what must have happened. 

So Paul let’s talk about the GoFundMe campaign set up by your mum’s sister your aunty Kathleen….or “ Kathy” as she likes to be named.

I don’t think she deserves to be named aunty, but anyway.  So she set up the fund to help fly me back to the UK but I already had a plan in place and my partner and sister were working tirelessly on sorting that. Kathy was withdrawing the funds on a daily basis and putting it into her own personal bank account which is fraud. The same month her and my second cousins who I’ve never seen in my entire life, along with my aunt raised around £700 at a fundraiser at a pub in Southend.  They had photos of me and my children on collection buckets telling people I was never going to walk again.  Me and my kids have received nothing.  She started the GoFundMe campaign within days of me being in a coma. The fund me campaign went viral as who I am within the music industry and people basically thought I was dead or at least wheelchair bound for life.

When I woke up and was still heavily sedated my aunt bullied me over the campaign. I have text messages to back it up.  When I was in ICU I basically asked her for some trainers and a tracksuit to start my physio as I didn’t have any clothes or my bank cards with me.  As my accident was under investigation from the Maltese police they took my clothes and phone into their custody. I had no clothes, bank cards nothing – I was bare. My aunt hasn’t cared about me for over 30 years prior to the accident. She even messaged my Facebook page saying “I need to tell you some information about DJ Baron”. If she knew me she would know that is my entity. Not only did she try and meddle with my business and slander me to my DJs she tried to get in between me and my partner, saying “Why are you with him “ etc.

When I found out that my aunt was taking the money out of the GoFundMe page and putting it into her own bank account I decided to ask her to refund everyone.  She was pissed off that I approached GoFundMe and requested funds to be transferred back. I wasn’t happy that someone I didn’t really know was making money of my bad luck and taking from my community of friends or my partners. I was dealing with all this whilst I was bed bound in hospital dealing with my recovery and the stress of her greed literally almost killed me. It drained all the energy and life and positivity from me.

I’m so happy people got refunded and I didn’t need the money for lavish “stuff” like she said in her huge email which went out to all the donators just simply would have been for my recovery as I regain my strength to continue what I do. She sent an email slandering myself saying that she is refunding the money because I am threatening and harassing her from my hospital bed and that I need the money to by laptops, televisions etc which is absolute rubbish.  I already have all of these things and that is the last thing I would be thinking about whilst in my hospital bed.  I was just thinking day to day not if I needed a new television in my flat!  When I asked her to send me some clothes to start my therapy she said “stop harassing me”  and then she blocked me from Facebook and WhatsApp.  She then started in one of my business groups slandering me and threatening me with the police as her daughter and her son-in-law both work for the police. I have the proof I wasn’t harassing or threatening her. She set out not to even give me a penny, she should be trialed for fraud, not only was the £6000-7000 good enough she then done a fund raiser at some pub in southend along with some other aunty and uncle who hasn’t cared about me in over 30 odd years and raised £700 odd.  What breaks my heart is that they stole from my children, they had photos of my kids in collection buckets. To be honest I’m over it but it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth as she has made me out to be the bad bastard but it was them who screwed me, my partner and my children over and 3 weeks later they are off on their holidays to Egypt. If there is a good god in the world he definitely will have them marked.

All I care about is my road to recovery and spending as much time with the real people who love and respect me. My radio network is up and running and I’m working tirelessly on the positive, but I wanted to do this interview to clear my name as I know there are some people who thought the accident was fake news and others who thought I wanted the cash for deeper reasons which isn’t true whatsoever. I have not received a penny from both fundraiser campaigns which 100% is first degree fraud.

Thanks for your time and thanks for publishing my honest interview.

You’re welcome

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