The Holiday Seasons Are Upon Us Written by Ron D 8 Lim

Written by on December 3, 2018

The Holiday Seasons Are Upon Us

It is amazing how Time Flies…Year 2018 is about to fade out and the Year 2019 is around the corner. Before heading into all the amazing prospects coming in the near future, I would like to give thanks to all the awesome Talents from Power Of Love Productions for another fantastic Year of great Music and Productions. You Guys truly ROCK!!

Even we approaching the New Year, some last minute, exciting and new development just came upon us. Muusic.FMMuusic Coin has launched its the anticipated innovative Muusic Platform in Beta Test and I recommend all Music Aficionado, Shejays, Deejays, Producers, Labels and Music Lovers to Sign up to get their Unique and Exclusive Username!

Now it seems that the Music Streaming Business is steadily growing and a Company little known in the Music Industry is growing silently in the Background…

Looks like Chinese mobile giant Huawei has been quietly amassing a serious music-focused user base.

Who says Tencent Music and NetEase Cloud Music get to have all the fun in China?

Now, there’s another mega-player emerging in the Chinese streaming music space: Huawei. Back in the U.S., the brand is less well-known aside from a spate of negative security-related press. But in China, the mobile manufacturer and brand is ubiquitous, with a huge position in broader Asia as well. Accordingly, the company has been quietly amassing a monstrous user base for its streaming music offering — not to mention other add-ons. Or, at least relative to Western standards.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Huawei executive Richard Yu declared the company’s plan to overtake Samsung as the largest mobile manufacturer in the world. “Next year, we will be very close to number one, maybe we will be on par with Samsung,” Wu saber-rattled. (read more – SOURCE Digital Music News)

Now without further ado, let’s plunge into the latest Global, Exclusive and Future Releases

Get it on Pre-Order Fresh #House Single “Living” by Geo Daft Now on iTunes & Apple Music – Worldwide by Tuesday December 4th, 2018 – Available

Let’s go now Discover the Exclusive Hot Groovy #GalacticHouse Gem On Beatport

Listen to the “Soul Matrix” EP by Ron D 8 Lim featuring Nanaya Genre: Deep House/Galactik House – Now Exclusive On Beatport Available!

Forthcoming Releases

December 14th, 2018 on Beatport Compilation Album “SUBLIME WAVEZ: Soul Vol 3” by Ron D 8 Lim Cat No POLP1243 – Genre : Deep House/Galactik House/Funky House

Track List:

  1. Divine Path (Infinite Mix)
  2. Dance Of The Unicorn
  3. Essence & Soul (Sundown Mix)
  4. Love Infinity (D1B)
  5. Source Within (D-Edit)
  6. Soul Seeker (96 Degrees Mix)
  7. Soulicious (D1B)
  8. Purple Sky 9. Beautiful Day feat Nanaya (Equinox Remix)

December 14, 2018 on Beatport Compilation Album “SUBLIME WAVEZ: Tec Vol 3” by Various Artists, D-Unique, DJ M-Traxxx, Pinklady, Energy Flow and Intelligent Design, a Remix by Yakumo Love. Cat No POLP1244 – Genre: Tech House/Techno/Progressive

Track List:

  1. Sequence C
  2. Tatoone (2pm Mix)
  3. Bacardi
  4. The Power Of Light
  5. Here I Am (Edit)
  6. That You May Be Perfect
  7. And Behold All Is Vanity
  8. X-Normality (Yakumo Love Mix) 9. From The Wilderness

January 1st, 2019 on Beatport EP “Eres” by Kikaterremotodj Cat No POLP1241 Genre: Techno/Electronic

Track List:

  1. Almought
  2. Reggianis Omnibus
  3. Stumpeckt

January 4th, 2019 on Beatport EP “Ahead” by Intelligent Design Cat No POLP1245 Genre: Techno

Track List:

  1. Forgetting Those Things
  2. Which Are Behind
  3. Reaching Forward to Those
  4. Things Which Are Ahead

January 8th, 2019 on Beatport Single “Seal Of Amenti” by D-Unique Cat No POLP1246 Genre: Deep House/Galactik House

Track List:

  1. Seal Of Amenti feat Nanaya (D 8 Edit)
  2. Seal Of Amenti


As for most this is a Time to celebrate, yet I would like to remind you this is not the case for everyone, sadly some of us are stressed, lonely, or just experience a harsh time. So please be kindred, give a helping Hand to those that are in need, Let us be Samaritan, Let us be the loving, caring Being that we are! In closing I would Like in the Name of the POLP Familywish you all an uplifting, joyous, blissful, thriving and loving Holidays and that Year 2019 may be filled with joy, success, good health, plenty of laughter and LOVE!

Thank you to be part of my amazing Journey! I see you soon #AlwaysLoveNoMatterWhat

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