Tomodachi Life Emulator – Complete Guide 2022

Tomodachi Life Emulator

Are you looking for Tomodachi Life Emulator?

Tomodachi life emulator is software that helps in playing games on PC. This software helps in smooth gameplay and has substantial game compatibility for 3DS.

It is compatible with Citra which is free as other emulators. The game will load and run, with minimum stuttering in some segments. It has become one of the top downloaded video games for Nintendo 3DS. 

Tomodachi Life is a life counterfeit video game which is developed by Nintendo SPD and is brought out by Nintendo specifically for the Nintendo 3DS. The Japanese video games giant were conventional to put all their stuff in the Mario Franchise and Pokémon.

They were gathering good sales numbers across solace, so they keep following the same formula. Then came the Tomodachi Life game which is a sequel to the Japanese Nintendo Tomodachi collection.

Tomodachi Life was released in April 2013 in Japan, June 2014 across the world, and in July 2014 in South Korea and become popular among users.

It is a very interesting game where family, friends, and celebrities become Mii characters and stay together on an island. You can have fun by recreating your favorite actor, your friends with your imagination.

Before the Tomodachi franchise, the Japanese video games behemoth had a habit of placing all of its eggs in the Pokémon and Mario franchises.

The Tomodachi Collection was created by a small and youthful community of designers at NSPD 1, and it did pretty well in the marketplace.

Tomodachi Life, the sequel, was published a few years later to repeat its popularity and it becomes one of the top ten best-selling video games on the PS3.

Many nations, particularly in the east, do not have the Nintendo 3DS. But that didn’t stop them from playing. Citra, a Tomodachi Life emulator able to run most 3DS games.

Heritage of Tomodachi Life Emulator

In Mario Kart Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a level based on Tomodachi Life debuts. In March 2016, Miitomo, a social networking mobile app for iOS and Android, was published. The same core team designed the software that created Tomodachi Life and has many of the same concepts.

Nintendo shut down Miitomo on May 9, 2018. Miitopia, a comparable game using Miis, was published in Japan in 2016. The next year, it was distributed all over the world. On February 17, 2021, a Nintendo Direct revealed that an improved port of Miitopia will be published on the Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2021.


The game starts with the user naming their island and generating or transferring their personal Mii, a “look-alike” who lives in an apartment complex. After delivering one of the meals from the Food Mart, an in-game food store, to the player’s “take a gander,” they will request a buddy.

Following the creation of a new Mii for them, a brief movie set in the future will be played, depicting the “look-alike are” probable future spouse and infant, both of whose faces are disguised. Following that, the Town Hall will open, allowing you to construct additional Miis. 

The Miis have individual personalities that may be controlled and are spoken using Nuance-based text-to-speech software. Miis can do things like eat, put on different clothing, the role of culture for one another and participate in a variety of recreational activities.

As additional Miis arrive on the island, weird and unusual relationships such as friendship, romance, disputes, and even get-togethers and gatherings might occur.

The user unlocks additional places, outfits, food, and other items for the Miis to play with, visit, and utilize as the game progresses.

How To Download Tomodachi Life Emulator For Your PC?

First, you should make sure that you dump the data of the original minis and the game on the emulator for usage. 

1. Download Citra and install it on your PC.

The OS will detect your download by itself. If this does not happen, then find the correct version of the Tomodachi Life emulator from the other platforms. You should make sure to select the nightly build while installing the emulator for the game.

It has special features, but the canary build has exploratory features and it can also contain bugs. If your mind ever changes, you can help Modify Citra install and then remove or add components and choose the other build. 

2. After installation, you can launch the emulator.

3) You can then open the ROM of Tomodachi Life or by an option of drag and drop. The game will take less time to load.

4) When the screen appears, you just need to set the date and time. Or it will take directly from your system. Press next and then Ok to complete the process. 

5) When we are done with the mandatory setup, we can play the game. Name your island in the game, and you are all set to play the game.

You also need to install Citra on your PC to play the game.

 Using the below steps you can download Citra. 

Citra Emulator 3DS is a very popular Nintendo emulator, which allows you to play a variety of games on multiple devices. 

1. Download the Citra emulator from the official website of Citra. After downloading the file of Citra, you can locate it in the download folder and install it by double-tapping on the Citra icon.

You have to locate the desired installation folder for the Citra emulator. Then click on the Next button. 

Now you can select from the Citra canary or Citra Nightly option for the appearance of the game on your desktop. Then click on the Next button to continue.

Then you can easily set up Citra by clicking on the Next button repeatedly until the installation window appears. When the installation window appears, then the Citra emulator has been installed. 

When the Citra emulator is installed then we are supposed to extract the game we downloaded previously. You can extract the game from the downloads folder. 

2. You can now run the Citra emulator. You can easily run the emulator; it is very straightforward.

Now you are all set to play the game.

Citra’s Characteristics

  • Layouts for Multiple Screens

You get everything, including a single screen to make use of your broad monitor, whether you like the side-by-side display or the conventional flip-style.

  • Gameplay Footage

You can only play your game on the Citra emulator if you record it. The good news is that instead of dumping GameCube controllers, you can play them on many devices and platforms.

You can always computer monitor it and play this on any device whenever you want.

  • Panel of Hacks

Without the need for a cheat feature, no emulator is complete. Everyone enjoys a good fun run now and again. On their GitHub page, you may find the cheat database.

  • Options for the User Interface

The options allow you to choose between black, white, dark, and color UI tones. You may also alter the text side and conceal various elements of this Tomodachi emulation.

  • Using the camera, I was able to capture this image.

What better way to personalize a new mini than to place your face over it, which you may do by utilizing the phone to film your image.

In the settings, make sure the video recorder input is switched on.

  • Clocking of the CPU

The CPU can be turbocharged or underclocked. It has the potential to affect your play, so proceed with caution.


In May 2014, Platinum Club Nintendo members in North America received a playable trial of the game, the data from which could have been converted to the final release to obtain a bonus in-game item.

Two Nintendo eShop download tickets for a ‘Welcome version’ demo are included in the box, which may be shared with friends. Subsequently, a slightly modified demo version was made available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop, although it did not unlock any features in the complete game.

Watching the story of a worldwide release, a debate erupted about whether or not same-sex relationships are possible.”

The possibility for same-sex partnerships in the game wasn’t really part of the original game that was released in Japan, but that game is made up of the same code that was utilized to localize it for other areas outside Japan,” Nintendo said.

In May 2013, it was reported widely that Nintendo had fixed a glitch in the Japanese Version edition of the system that allowed for same-sex partnerships.

Nintendo denied this in an April 2014 statement, stating that same-sex partnerships were never allowed and that created a big issue.

Notwithstanding user protests, Nintendo claimed that same-sex partnerships would not be possible to include in the game since they “never meant to make any sort of social statement with the introduction of the game” also because it would necessitate major technical changes that would be impossible to implement as a post-game patch.

Later, the business apologized and indicated that if a third game in the series were to be made, it would “strive to build a gameplay performance from the scratch that is more diverse, and better reflects all gamers.”

However, according to a CNET report from 2014, The author devised a method for forming same-sex partnerships.

The writer adds that if you make a Mii with a manly look but give it a female gender, the Mii will be drawn to male Miis, and conversely, but the pronouns will be different.

FAQ’s: Tomodachi Life Emulator

Ques-1 Will this game work on 2Ds?

Ans-1 No. This game will not work on 2DS. Because the 3DS games are totally different from 2DS. A 3DS game is incompatible with a 2DS system. However you can run a 2DS game on 3DS, but not vice-versa. 

Ques-2 Is this game suitable for an 11-year-old child?

Ans-2 No, this game is not suitable for an 11-year-old child.

Ques-3 Can you play the Tomodachi life game on a regular Nintendo DS?

Ans-3 No, you cannot play the Tomodachi life game on a regular Nintendo DS. 

Ques-4 Is there a way to have separate save files for every player?

Ans-4 No, there is no way to have separate save files for every player.

Ques-5 If you have 3 children, then is there a need to buy 3 copies of the game?

Ans-5 Yes, there is only one save file for the game so you need to buy 3 individual copies.

Ques-6 Is the game like sims?

Ans-6 No, the game is not like sims. 

Ques-7 Can you play with 2 cartridges on the same 3DS without any interference of both the saved files?

Ans-7 I think it can happen to a certain extent. But I am not sure how it would affect the street pass.


Thus, Tomodachi Life Emulator is completely safe software that can be installed on your computer to play all game fixes on a low-end PC. It is perfectly compressed for Android and PC. It is a life simulation video game and you can have fun by playing this awesome game. 

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