Tough DnD 5E Feat

Welcome adventurers of every size! Welcome to my spellbook. We are grateful that you have listened to the 57th episode in our dnd5e feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the most manly feat out there. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Dnd 5e is a difficult feat. This feat is found in the players manual and is ideal for those characters who simply love to take down damage. In any case let’s take a look at the description. So we can kind of get what we’re talking about.


It is important to note that 5e does not require any prerequisites. This means that anyone can do it regardless of their ability or race. That being said let’s take a look at the description here.

Your hit point maximum can increase by the Tough DnD5E feat. This is equivalent to twice your level. Your hit point maximum will increase by 2 hit points if you reach a higher level.

This is some really cool stuff! let’s just do the quick walkthrough a little bit.


So, there’s not really a whole lot to unpack here. Your new HP max is simply your current HP maximum plus your level multiplied by two. (New HP max = current HP Max + your level x 2); this scales with your level, so I really like it. You can then expel the spent hit die to increase it or boost it to maximum, either after a short or long rest. This is some really cool stuff. Let’s get into my personal thoughts on it.


This makes me feel like I might be getting a lot more flack. There might be something i don’t understand but for the most part i don’t think this one is very good. I believe any class that could really benefit from this feat would be able to increase their damage potential or give them a better method to reduce, or even eliminate all damage.

So i don’t think this is very good unless maybe you’re playing an early level rogue that just scouts ahead and takes a lot of damage there. It’s really rough though because eventually rogues get with their experitse can essentially locate disarm and avoid traps like no one’s business.

They get a few of the class features as well. This allows them to avoid any damage. So i mean, i just don’t see a whole lot of people who benefit from this i really don’t. Temporary hit points, especially in 5e, are easy to give and receive. Even the inspiring leader feat could get you similar hit die increases across your entire party. So i can’t just honestly can’t think of a single reason why to want to pick this.


Nevertheless, it is true! I could be wrong. Please let me know if you are wrong in the comments. It is greatly appreciated. Please share any ideas, stories, or combinations of ideas. d&d 5e tough Make sure you voice your concerns down below. Many thanks for your support and happy adventuring.

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