Undercommon 5E Language

Do you want to know about undercommon dnd then here we are to provide the full details to use. We are giving the information about who speaks undercommon language, difference between this language and deep speech, common, elvish. So why late let us discuss.

First of all let us know what is undercommon  5e: This was a trade language which is commonly spoken by the majority of intelligent races native to underdark. This was written by using the Espruar alphabet. It was influenced by the drow and it uses the script called elvish. It was spoken by the Underdark traders. But who speaks it means:

  • aboleth
  • choker
  • chuul
  • cloaker
  • delver
  • drider
  • drow
  • duergar
  • dwarf
  • githyanki
  • githzerai
  • grimlock
  • kobold
  • kuo-toa
  • orc
  • rakshasa
  • roper
  • svirfneblin and mind flayer races.

All these creatures that speak undercommon. If you have any extra information you can share with us by using comment section.

Undercommon dictionary

We have gathered all of the words and phrases in this trading language. You can check them alphabet wise, So that you will get an idea on how to speak it.

abster memory
al dead, death
arint gourmet of, taster
ator elder, revered
bossk lord, master
corian leader, liaison
hion black, dark, darkness
hoon abomination, outsider
illi mind
ilsen brain
lugri fear, feared
maanze creed, law
malin arcane, psionic
mious sage, scholar
ordell golem, humanoid, mind flayer
quas honor
sine greal, powerful
tharid devour, devourer
thelid conquerer, eater
thid flayer, ruler
tor elder, revered” (see ator)
uli noble
ullip thought
urop servant, slave, thrall
xalli disgust, pain
Zin-carla Spirit-wraith

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Attributes Of Undercommon DnD

Influenced By: Drow

Undercommon script: Elvish

Spoken By: Underdark Traders

Undercommon alphabet & Undercommon translator

Actually, this undercommon has written in Espruar alphabet and you can see the image below which has mentioned not only alphabets but also translation from common (english) language to undercommon.

Undercommon vs Deep Speech

Is deep speech same as undercommon ? If you wanna know the difference between undercommon vs deep speech read the below lines.

  • Actually, deep speech is a method which is used by mind flayers and also by beholders, beings which aren’t from this world.
  • The undercommon is most common for the underdark. That means for duergar, for the deep gnomes and also maybe for drow.
  • Undercommon is trade language for the underdark. The deep speech is its own thing, used-as noted as elsewhere-so by mindflayers and also the other aberrant horrors.

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Undercommon vs Common

Is undercommon the same as common ? The answer to this No. There are some slight differences between these two languages!! you can check now:

  • So, the undercommon is the language is the drow and it is primary language of underdark. what does it sound like means the elvish in origin, but it is harsher and perhaps contains loan words from the languages of the other races of an underdark.
  • Normally, undercommon uses elvish script and the common uses plain and simple common script.
  • Normally, the common is the universal language so that most people able to speak it. The undercommon is the simplest words of the common language and of course you can not read and write too.
Undercommon vs Elvish

As per the players handbook the elves know common and elvish but the elves do not know this language or drow looking at the monster manual, the drow speak elvish and undercommon but still no drow language.

Do you know that drow has their own language that is Deep Drow, also known as Low Drow or Drowic, was the normal language of the drow. The deep drow can be read from right to left in the single-word columns with little punctuation.

Do goblins speak undercommon: The short and quick answer is No. None of the goblins can speak undercommon.


The Undercommon (also called as Deep Speech)  is a trade language of the Underdark. Almost each and every intelligent underdark creature speaks the Undercommon. It is also known as the combination of Drow language, Dwarven, and surface Common, and probably it has some Goblin language and other “lesser” words thrown in, Anyway it is usually based mainly off the Drow language originally.

However, this was created by the slaves of the drow in order to communicate between each other as slaves of various races began interacting. Al though it grew to the point which it became a trade language within a lesser Underdark races, and it since so many could speak at least some of it.

Apart from this the drow are usually not interested to speak Undercommon, since an existence of this tongue was actually an insult to the Xanalress. So here an alternate Drow of Arelith use is putting in “Drow words” in their sentences, even whenever they would just speak the common, to give it an extra touch.

However any gnolls does not know the Undercommon, for the sake of they are not originally from an Underdark, nor have Drow kept them as slaves frequently.

We hope you’ve got full idea about where is undercommon used and who speaks this dnd language. How do you feel this article and did you find the translator helpful, you can share your thoughts on this informative blog post though the comment section.

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