Vizier DnD 5E Background

Hey d&d gamers and dungeon masters ! Thanks for supporting our background collection, we’re gonna be jamming them out fairly fast right here. So for those who’ve missed a pair simply take a look at our backgrounds desk by visiting this web page if you need to! you’ll be redirected to the official web page. Now let’s speak in regards to the dnd 5e vizier background. It’s discovered within the Airplane Shift – Amonkhet. Let’s check out its description now.


After all you’re vizier and in addition a servant to your favourite god. You at all times hold performing completely different duties that are important with a view to facilitating the initiates’ journey, anyhow the gods shall reward to you with an entry into the afterlife with the God-Pharaoh’s blessing. Al although you’ve hope to realize essentially the most honored standing within the afterlife by being the very best servant to your god.

After all being a vizier background 5e, you may have any sort of dnd class, however you’re particularly more likely to be a cleric, a druid (particularly for those who serve Rhonas), or a paladin.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Historical past, Faith
  • Instrument Proficiencies: One sort of artisan’s instruments, one sort of musical instrument
  • Gear: A set of artisan’s instruments or a musical instrument (one in all your selection), a scroll of your god’s teachings, a vizier’s cartouche, a set of effective garments, and a pouch containing 25gp.

Characteristic: Voice of Authority

Your voice is the voice of your god, in fact at the least in a idea. In all probability, your job would possibly embrace every kind of coaching and instructing initiates, and in addition they’re required to obey you. In any circumstance, an provoke has been anticipated to be defer to your voice and in addition it obey your instructions. In the event you do abuse this authority, regardless that, your god would possibly personally punish you.

Instructed Traits

A d d 5e vizier background traits are replicate a lot strongly the beliefs and persona of the god they really do serve.

Character Trait

d10 Character Trait
1 Every little thing I do, I do gracefully and intentionally, and with full confidence. (Oketra)
2 Nothing can shake my rock-hard focus. (Oketra)
3 When I’m at peace, I’m an oasis of good calm on the planet. When I’m roused to anger, I’m an embodiment of terror. (Kefnet)
4 I take pleasure in teasing acolytes and initiates with juicy tidbits of information wrapped up in fiendishly tough puzzles. (Kefnet)
5 I’ve the utmost religion in myself and my talents. (Rhonas)
6 I get stressed when life within the metropolis feels too tame, too protected. (Rhonas)
7 I take pleasure in solitude as a possibility to plan my victory. (Bontu)
8 I take advantage of satire as a solution to undermine the teachings of the opposite gods. (Bontu)
9 I like, struggle, and feast with equal zeal. (Hazoret)
10 I consider these in my care as my household, in a method that most individuals have hassle understanding. (Hazoret)


d6 Preferrred
1 Solidarity: The worthy should respect the worthy. Within the afterlife, all will probably be united in objective and motion. (Oketra)
2 Data: The worthy shall domesticate a nimble thoughts, in order to understand the wonders past creativeness that wait within the afterlife. (Kefnet)
3 Energy: The worthy shall hone a robust physique that may face up to the boundless energies of the afterlife. (Rhonas)
4 Ambition: The worthy shall attempt for greatness, for supremacy in life results in supremacy within the afterlife. (Bontu)
5 Zeal: The worthy shall rush to the God-Pharaoh’s aspect with relentless ardour, rising to beat each impediment of their method. (Hazoret)
6 Naktamun: The lifetime of the town is ordered in line with the plan of the God-Pharaoh, and that order have to be preserved in any respect prices.


d6 Bond
1 My loyalty to my companions embodies the perfect of loyalty to my god. (Oketra)
2 The teachings of my god are extra treasured to me than any possession. (Kefnet)
3 I’d do something to defend the temple of my god from any hurt or desecration. (Rhonas)
4 I’m dedicated to the service of my god—as a result of it’s my positive ticket into the afterlife. (Bontu)
5 I like my god and by no means need my service to finish. (Hazoret)
6 I’ve a detailed buddy or lover who can be a vizier.


d6 Flaw
1 I’m in love with an provoke, and I need to protect this particular person from loss of life within the trials.
2 I secretly want I had not been chosen as a vizier, so I might take part within the trials as an provoke.
3 I secretly query whether or not the gods care in any respect about us or what we do.
4 A vizier of one other god seeks my loss of life in retribution for a previous insult.
5 I’m frightened of what lies past the Gate to the Afterlife.
6 I secretly imagine the God-Pharaoh’s return is not going to carry blessing to this world.

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