Volstrucker Agent DnD 5E Background

From this article today we’re talking about the Volstrucker agent background which thematically speaking is probably my favorite background. The mechanically speaking, izzet engineer is the best but thematically speaking, the Volstrucker agent is definitely the best. In any case this background is found in the explorer’s guide to wild mount which likely means you’ve never heard of it before on the explorer’s guide to wild mount when it was released it didn’t add a ton of content into the game but only added a handful of spells and backgrounds so we’ve covered the majority of them on this website already if memory serves like the flock of familiars comes from the explorer’s guide to wild mountain if memory serves. In any case if you haven’t checked out other backgrounds yet and you’d like to check them all then go and visit this official backgrounds page from here. That being said let’s dive right into the description from below.


These Volstrucker agents backgrounds, which are dnd 5e backgrounds, are the clandestine organization for an arcane assassin and enforcers in a Cerberus assembly service. Of course all of their operatives would bear to none of the official title, but of course they are referred to in a hushed tones like the “scourgers” by some residents of the large Dwendalian cities like the Zadash and Rexxentrum.

Your duty is to be the Volstrucker agent. Your duty was to be silence dissidents those whoever would be undermine the will of a king Dwendal – and of course more importantly, the will of the Assembly.


  • Skill ProficienciesStealth, deception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit
  • Languages:You can choose one
  • Equipment: A set of common clothes, a black cloak with a hood, a poisoner’s kit, and a pouch containing 10 gp.


Two types of Volstrucker Agent Background 5E are available: Tragedy, and Shadow Network. You can see all details about this feature in the following.


The Volstrucker is not for everyone. Of course, the Cerberus Assembly would take advantage of talented people who have been devastated by their tragedy.

The slightly damaged mind can be restructured and also reeducated much easier. You can choose a tragedy that has influenced you, or use the Tragedies list below.

D6 Tragedies
1 Familialicide: By deceit or manipulation the Volstrucker convinced your family to commit murder.
2 Amnesia is when you were forced to learn magic so powerful that it stretched your mind beyond human limits. It also steals your memories from the past.
3 Capture: You were taken into custody and tortured by Kryn Dynasty agents.
4 Starvation: Many of your family and friends died from starvation after a terrible blight struck their rural village. But you survived, but not enough.
5 Starvation: Many of your family and friends died from starvation after a terrible blight struck their rural village. But you survived, but not enough.
6 Vicissitude – You once belonged to a wealthy family and lost all of their fortune in a matter of seconds.

Shadow Network

You can access the Volstrucker shadow net, which allows you to communicate with other members of the order over long distances. Imagine that you write a letter using the special arcane link, address it to a Volstrucker member, and then throw it in a fire. The letter will burn to ashes and also to become whole on the Volstrucker agent.

Ink used to send a letter across a shadow net is very similar to the ink used by a wizard to write spells in a spellbook. A page of this ink would cost 10 gp.

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Suggested Characteristics Of Volstrucker Agent 5E Background

The Volstrucker agents are trained to follow the orders and kill without mercy. Actually, a trauma which brings one into an order able to be fester even much more strongly against a darkness of the Volstrucker agent’s assignments. Officially, no one ever leaves an Order except those who are determined enough to achieve some degree of freedom.

Personality Traits

D6 Personality trait
1 I like to keep my thoughts private.
2 I allow myself to indulge in vices just to silence my conscience.
3 I have left emotion behind and I am now calm and peaceful.
4 My mind is constantly being flooded with memories from the past. This makes it difficult to sleep at night.
5 I never break my word.
6 I can laugh at insults, but never take them seriously.


D6 Ideal
1 Order: The crown’s will is final. (Law)
2 True loyalty: The Cerberus assembly is stronger than any power, not even the crown. (Any)
3 Death: For disloyalty, death is the penalty. (Evil)
4 You can’t fail with determination Not ever. (Neutral)
5 Fear: People shouldn’t respect power. They should fear it. (Evil)
6 Escape: The Volstrucker are pure evil! While I cannot atone for the wrongs I have done, I can live with my life. (Any)


D4 Bond
1 It is only the job that matters. It will be done.
2 While my orders are important, my comrades and friends are more valuable than anything. They would be my last breath.
3 All I have done I did to protect someone I care about.
4 All of civilization is affected if the empire collapses. I will stop the chaos and barbarism at all costs.


D4 Flaw
1 I take a drink to reduce the pain in my back.
2 When I see blood, it drives me crazy.
3 I can hear voices of those who have died. I can see their faces. These ghosts haunt me.
4 Fear is a powerful motivator. I will do anything to keep those who know me, and those that care about me, from seeing me fail.

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