5 Best Windows Emulator For Mac – Complete Guide 2022

Windows Emulator For Mac

Are looking for a Windows Emulator For Mac?

A Windows emulator is a hardware or software that permits a computer system which is a host, to behave like a guest computer system.

An emulator entitles the host computer system to run the software and use other peripheral devices designed for the guest computer system.

The emulator recreates the original software and hardware environment on a currently running machine. We can also download the Windows emulator even for Mac. Earlier Macs did not use Intel processors but now they are based on the Intel hardware. Thus, we can easily run a Windows emulator on Mac.

Windows emulator will create a partition on the drive of your computer system. The emulators need enough space for the windows applications you want to use in your system.

The benefit of emulators is that you can run various operating systems, play video games and run certain programs. These emulators enable you to run those apps in your system which could not work on your computer system normally.

Top 5 Best Windows Emulators For Mac

Here in this article, we provide you with some of the best Windows emulators available for Mac.

1. Bootcamp – Windows Emulator For Mac

Boot camp is a utility software that can help you to switch between Windows and Mac Operating systems. It allows the users to install Microsoft operating systems on Intel-based computers. It is pre-installed on your Mac.

You can have windows and Mac Operating systems installed on your system into different partitions on your system’s hard drive or SSD. When you turn on your computer, you will have to select an option to boot into the Mac operating system or Windows operating system.

Every Mac provides you with Bootcamp, which permits you to divide your start-up disk and you can simply install Windows on the Bootcamp partition. The advantage of boot camp is its speed. It uses less RAM and only a few processor cycles than any other solution. But you have to reboot your system each time you want to shift between Windows and Mac.

The Boot Camp Assistant available on your Mac enables you to install the emulator on your Mac. You can access the Boot Camp Assistant from the utility section available in the applications folder. But one of the disadvantages of using Bootcamp is that you cannot use a non-compatible app in operating systems.

2. Parallels Desktop -Windows Emulator For Mac

This app generates a virtual machine on the system, which helps install Windows operating systems. Windows applications can be run and other games after the installation of this application on your Mac. It does not slow down your Mac while working and is a fast-run Windows app.

It’s a fast, powerful, easy application and enables you to transfer your data between the two operating systems quickly. Windows can be used parallelly with the Mac Operating system and share files and folders between Mac and Windows applications.

You needn’t reboot the computer to work parallelly on both the OSs. You can easily drag and drop files, copy and paste images and text from one application to another.

The parallel desktop application is also effortless to set up and works flawlessly and is very flexible to work in Windows and Mac Operating systems using this application. This application works smoothly if used in the latest Mac Operating system.

An application like this one is a virtualization tool that is not free to use, and you need to pay some money to use it. This allows you to use the Mac applications at the back-end while running the Windows operating system on the front end. There is no need to reboot your system to switch between the operating systems.

Also, this application lets you select from hundreds of the operating systems which can run side by side with the latest Mac Operating system. You can run virtual machines and apps security and send the local source files with multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

It can control and handle both the physical hosts and the virtual machines. It can run all the components on a single notebook. It blends the experience of the Windows OS with Mac without much clutter.

3. VMWare Fusion – Windows Emulator For Mac

VMWARE Fusion can have an integrated experience by seamlessly copying and pasting between Windows and Mac Operating systems. You can easily drag and drop files and networking, which does not require any setup and is highly mechanized for advanced users.

At the same time, it has a super cool display and holds up mixed retina and non-retina setups. It disables the integration features to protect the operating systems from each other. It provides you with the choices which a second computer cannot offer.

4. VirtualBox – Windows Emulator For Mac

VirtualBox produces a virtual machine on Mac to run the Windows applications without rebooting. It is open-source, cross-platform software that helps developers run code quickly without switching between the operating systems on a single device. It virtualization software reduces operational costs for IT teams. It decreases the quantity of required desktop and server configurations. It is easy to use and provides a powerful command-line interface for the users to work with multiple operating systems.

IT managers need not maintain different systems and configurations, reducing the complexity and expense of an organization.

The developers can deliver their code faster by running their code on the applications of different operating systems while working on a single desktop. However, it is not easy to set up like the other tools on the list, and it is also not well written.

But it is a free application that attracts more users to download it. It offers good hardware support. The peripherals like connected printers, cameras, etc will work easily with this application.

5. Crossover For Mac – Windows Emulator For Mac

CodeWeavers develop it. It cannot run a virtual machine on your Mac. You need not download Windows or have a license. You can run the Windows application without rebooting your system parallelly with the Mac applications, increasing productivity.

It can support many Windows applications and games. It is not open-source, and you need to pay to use the application. It enables many windows based applications to run on software.

You can install this application with one tap. The Windows software runs at an optimum speed on this application. It flawlessly integrates with the environment of your Desktop. It is not free but it contributes a lot to the open-source community.

FAQ’s :

Ques-1 Which one is the best emulator which helps to run Windows on Mac?

Ans-1 Boot camp is presumably the best emulator to run Windows without any issues. It is easy to set up, provides high speed, and uses less RAM.

Ques-2 How can one play PC games on Mac?

Ans-2 You need to install an emulator on your Mac to play PC games easily by installing boot camp and dual booting into your operating system. This makes even the graphic-intensive games run flawlessly with the hardware on your Mac. You can also use various tools or applications to play PC games on your Mac.

Ques-3 If you run Windows on a Mac, then can it cause any problem?

Ans-3 No, not at all. If you dual boot your operating system and run a virtual machine, it will somewhat eat up your Ram and PC, which will slow down the operation of your Mac. But it is not going to cause any hardware problems. After you remove the virtualization tool, then your Mac should perform flawlessly.

Ques-4 What are the benefits of an Emulator?

Ans-4 You can run different operating systems on your Desktop and play video games smoothly. You can easily share files and folders without even rebooting by using some of the emulators available online. The emulators also allow you to run applications that cannot run on your computer normally.

Ques-5 What are the disadvantages of an Emulator?

Ans-5 The emulator eats up your memory and RAM. It somewhat slows down the operation of your operating system.

Ques-6 Why do emulators slow down your operating system?

Ans-6 Emulators reproduce or virtualize the operating system on other systems. This tends to slow down the operation of your Operating system.


What you can do is make sure that your Mac has a clean-up first before installing any of the Windows emulators for your Mac. It increases productivity and also helps to set up the emulator easily.

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